What She Said Podcast Notes Episode 001-003: Freelancing, Photography, Parenting and Making Money Blogging

What She Said Podcast Notes - Episode 1-3 (freelancing, photography, parenting and making money blogging) || The Travel Tester
What She Said is the podcast of Lucy Lucraft, where she talks with interesting women in blogging and the online world. Here are my notes from Episode 001 - 003.

When a friends launches a podcast (featuring even more friends and blogging colleagues), what else can you do but listen to it… and what else can you do but LOVE it?! 

Lucy is a freelance journalist/blogger and creative coach from London and an all-round lovely person and in her podcast ‘What She Said’, she talks to interesting women in blogging and the online world. From practical tips, to personal stories about work and life, this podcast is great for everyone trying to build a business around their life, rather than the other way around.

What I really like about this podcast, is that this is not your typical polished business talk show, of which there are so many around. Instead, it’s an honest and raw conversation, full of sounds of her baby playing in the background, laughs, swears and inside jokes. It’s like you’re listening in to two friends just chatting on the phone… which basically, it IS!.

I’m always taking notes when listening to podcasts, so of course I couldn’t resists doing the same here and I must say that Lucy’s podcast is FULL of great little insights, practical tips and many, many things I’m adding to my to-do list for my own business!


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Without further redo, here are my notes from episodes 001-003:

What She Said Podcast Notes - Episode 1-3 (freelancing, photography, parenting and making money blogging) || The Travel Tester





  • In the beginning of freelancing, you’ll just have to go where the money is. Then one thing will lead to another.
  • The key to freelancing is that you are constantly on your game and constantly learning.
  • Types of freelance work: digital marketing, adwords, SEO, social media, UX (making sites/apps user friendly), website design, writing content, blogging…
  • All the skills I need for my freelance jobs, I learned through my blog.
  • Participate in contests at blogging/travel conferences, as usually not many people enter and it gives you a good contact to work with the tourism board later.
  • Press trips can really vary: usually more fun when travelling with people you know, very different if you travel with just bloggers rather than bloggers/journalists together, tiring as they try to fit in as much as they can in a day, you might feel guilty not being able to write about every single activity on the trip, make sure to say no to things you don’t want to do…
  • When you’ve written a blog post, search on google for the same title/topic and see what you can improve in your blog.
  • When you are completely true to yourself, that’s when you do better.
  • It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Being a nice person, networking both online as offline and meeting people is the way to learn and gain new contacts.


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  • There is no ‘work to this point and you will have achieved everything’. Realize that everything is ever changing.
  • Have the confidence to try things.
  • Finding your people is finding your tribe.
  • Be in it for the right reasons. You have to love what you do.
  • Part of the key is to just keep going. There is no magic. There is no shortcut. It’s not really about talent, it’s about constantly working, constantly honing what you’re doing, trying to get better, challenging yourself, putting yourself out there, doing all of those things that scare you and slowly become better.
  • There is a myth that people who are really successful feel comfortable in what they’re doing.
  • The day you wake up and think ‘I’m Amazing. I’ve Nailed It’, is the day you stop doing anything of any note whatsoever.
  • Write down and tell yourself the things that are true to balance the things you tell yourself that aren’t true.
  • Say NO when it doesn’t feel right.
  • What is YOUR version of success?
  • You really have to decide what your core values are and stick with those above everything.
  • “If you’re not making mistakes, then you probably are not doing anything interesting” – Woody Allen Quote


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  • A lot of bloggers don’t really look at analytics that much, don’t do competitor analysis, don’t look at what other people are doing… where brands spend half of their day doing that.
  • Look at people with the same kind of audience as your blog and see how they’re growing and what they’re doing each month and try and do things a little bit better.
  • ‘Competitors’ can be bloggers also writing for your kind of people, but also bloggers you aspire to be more like yourself.
  • For a competitor analysis, you just need a spreadsheet with about 10-15 of your competitors and monthly record their social media followers, number of blog posts each month, certain topics they write about, etc. And see how much they are growing and WHY (because of a competition? did they up their game at something?)
  • One thing I’m really scared of in blogging is falling behind.
  • You don’t need lots of traffic. You need targeted traffic, which is why having a niche is important (and niche doesn’t have to be ‘budget travel’, a niche can be who your audience is).
  • A newsletter can be a way of having a conversation with your readers, rather than just talking AT them.
  • Brands can sponsor your newsletter (either an entire takeover, or being mentioned as ‘product of the month’, etc.)
  • A big game changer was when I got my first son and I started to only take on jobs that I REALLY wanted to do. I also upped my fees a lot.
  • When you start saying no or demand a higher fee, it makes you seem much more in demand.
  • I started the Travel Hack team to fill the gaps when I’m not travelling myself and take away the pressure. People really underestimate how hard it is to run a blog all by yourself.
  • Reporting on things you’ve done is the most important thing, because if you can prove that what you did was valuable, that brand will want to work with you again. You can also use the report to present to other brands you want to work with.
  • The most important thing in reporting is screenshotting the comments you’re getting from readers showing they’re inspired and considering to visit/purchase what you talked about.

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These were my favourite nuggets from the What She Said Podcast, Episodes 001-003, but of course there were so many more personal stories shared, so I can recommend to go in an listen the entire episode (+make sure to subscribe and support Lucy by giving a honest review on iTunes!)

What were your favourite take-aways from these episodes? Love to hear it and then I’m back soon with my notes from episodes 004-006!  



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