Travel Memory Friday with… Patti from ‘One Road At A Time’

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 “Wat is jouw meest memorabele reisherinnering uit je kindertijd?” Dat vroeg ik meer dan 50 reisbloggers en andere reisgekken. Dit zijn hun persoonlijke verhalen en foto’s. 


 Vandaag interview ik Patti van One Road at a Time!



Hi Patti, do you remember the first time you went travelling? 

I was the youngest of six children, raised at the tail end of the baby boomer generation, late 50’s through the 60’s and 70’s, so you can imagine financing travel for that size of a family wasn’t easy.  My parents loved the desert, they enjoyed golfing and tennis so our family vacations usually meant a car trip to Palm Desert, CA


Most often I remember traveling with my sister who was next in line to me at five years older.  There was a considerable age gap between the first three children and the last three children, so the older siblings were off living their lives.


We always drove and most often we stayed in a hotel, always with a pool to keep us entertained.  Sometimes, my aunt and uncle would join us, as they lived in Los Angeles, just three hours away.  I “loved” my aunt and uncle so when they joined us it was all the better.



Did your parents travel much before you were born?

No, my parents didn’t travel very much before I was born.  I don’t remember any stories about them traveling.  They were busy raising five kids before I came along.  My father worked full time and my mother was a stay-at-home mom, which was pretty common in that era.



What was your favourite holiday destination as a child, a teenager and an adult? 



I really only remember our annual vacations to Palm Desert so I can’t say that I really had a favorite destination because it’s all I remember, but I do remember always having a fun time.



I was the last one living at home and no surprise, my parents moved the three of us to Palm Desert. They “really” loved the desert!  I do remember a vacation to Hawaii, when I was about sixteen-years-old, which I believe was very special for my parents because they met in Hawaii when my mother was a local girl and my father was in the Air Force.  This was before Hawaii was even a state.



We have traveled extensively so to pinpoint a favorite is really difficult, but I might have to go with Melbourne, Australia.  Our son spent a college semester at the University of Melbourne, as an exchange student from Georgetown University.  Of course we had to go visit, right?  Two weeks is just not enough time to visit Australia and New Zealand so I look forward to the day when we can return to the land down under and spend at the very least a month or two.



Can you tell me what your memory is with this image? 



Travel Memories from Patti [One Road At A Time]


The photo is of me, sitting on my aunt’s lap with my mother standing behind us. I was named after my Aunt Pat. The photo was taken in Palm Desert, CA, maybe in 1962 or so, as I look to be about six-years-old.  Okay you can do the math on that one!

I love this photo because of my old-school one-piece sun suit (as they used to call them) and if you look closely you’ll see my aunt’s white sandals and my mother’s stance.  It’s a classic!




Did the way you travelled as a child changed much when you grew up?

I always enjoyed going to Palm Desert but I remember not liking the car trip part of it because my father was one who once he had a destination in mind it was all the way, with barely a stop to eat, drink or otherwise.

I grew up in a tiny town called Gardnerville, Nevada so it was an eight-hour drive from home to Palm Desert.  Not too much fun for a kid in the back seat who wasn’t able to read (due to car sickness, which I still can’t) and long before the days of hand-held video games, DVD players, etc.

As it turns out as an adult, I love road trips, but I don’t believe it has anything to do with father’s driving tunnel vision.  I love being able to stop when you’re craving French fries, or you see something interesting and you take the time to stop.  It’s freeing, a real sense of adventure.


My husband and I have driven across the country twice, oh wait, driving Route 66 would definitely be way high up on my favorite vacations as an adult, and I am hoping to convince him to take trip number three so we can drive the absolute most southern route.



Finally: What is your best tip for making a trip memorable?

For me, making a trip memorable is just being in the moment. Don’t miss anything. There have been times when we thought we shouldn’t take the time to stop and we look back and think why didn’t we?  It’s an ongoing process but we are learning to stop when we think we should because we may never again have the same opportunity.



Als je meer van Patti’s verhalen wilt lezen, bezoek dan zeker haar website:
 One Road at a Time.



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