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“What is your most memorable childhood travel memory?” That’s what I’ve asked over 50 travel bloggers and other travel addicts. These are their personal stories and photos.

Today, I interview Teresa from Independent Travel Help!


Hi Teresa, do you remember the first time you went travelling?

We used to go to Ireland every year for the summer holidays to visit my grandparents with my parents and two brothers.  We travelled by car to Wales across the very choppy Irish Sea by ferry.

The earliest memory I have of that journey is of us all lying down on the floor, somewhere on the boat, in sleeping bags and then driving down the narrow lane lined with Fushia bushes in full bloom to my grandparents’ house.


I used to get very excited at the chance of spending some time with them again. We stayed on their farm in a small one-storey cottage.  We lived in a two-storey house in England so I loved climbing in through the bathroom window, just because I could.


Did your parents travel much before you were born?

No, they used to go back to Ireland.


What was your favourite holiday destination as a child, a teenager and an adult?

Childhood and Teenager

My favourite holiday destination as a child was Galway in Ireland. I loved it, because I got to spend time with my grandparents, my dad made a swing between two trees for me, we had so much space to run about, baking soda bread on a big open fire with my grandmother, falling asleep on my grandfather’s lap in front of the open fire and, on a clear night, we used to go outside and look up at the starlit sky. These are wonderful holiday childhood memories. I lived in a city so the space, freedom and this completely different way of life was exhilarating.


The Channel Islands was not just mine, but my family’s all-time favourite holiday destination. We rented a self-catering apartment for 2 weeks, but ended up extending it to 3 weeks because we were having such a good time. Thankfully, my dad was self-employed so we could do that and my mum had flexibility in her job. We visited all the islands and did the things we enjoyed.



This is more difficult as an adult because I have been to so many amazing places, but perhaps Egypt because it was the first holiday as an adult that involved moving from one place to the next. I went on an organised tour with a friend when I was 23 years old. I was there for 15 days. We saw some amazing things and met some wonderful people during my trip but it was how we travelled that I loved so much.

We took an overnight train from Cairo to Aswan, spent 4 nights and 5 days on a felucca, travelled by camel for hours to a pyramid and then went by donkey to the Valley of the Kings and Queens. When we were on the felucca, we had to make toilet stops because we didn’t have a toilet on the sailing boat. To shield the person going to the toilet in the desert, we went in groups. It was an adventure; something so different to how I normally lived.


Can you tell me what your memory is with this image?


Travel Memories from Teresa [Independent Travel Help]

 …falling asleep on my grandfather’s lap in front of the open fire… (Galway in Ireland)”


Can you remember a specific travel item/gadget you used to take on a trip as a child?

For long journeys, I always had a book to read.  I have continued to take books but, last year, bought a kindle which means I now have access to thousands of books in a small, light device – a perfect travel item!


Did the way you travelled as a child changed much when you grew up?

We didn’t go on package holidays as children.  We used to rent a self-catering apartment or stay with my grandparents.  My parents either took the car or rented one so we could get around and see more of the area.

My mum was very good at using sign language to converse with locals.  It was funny to watch but she managed.  When I started going on holiday with friends/boyfriends, I went on package holidays.  That just wasn’t for me.


 I tried it but just got bored of lying by the pool or on the beach all day and staying up partying all night and sleeping all day.  It wasn’t my idea of great holiday.  I wanted to get out and explore.  Now, I travel independently.


Finally: What is your best tip for making a trip memorable?

Get out and explore: Take a train or a local bus somewhere for the day and get away from the main tourist area.

It can be a challenge when you don’t know the area and don’t speak the language but it will be an adventure and will give you something different to talk about.


If you want to read more of Teresa’s stories, be sure to visit her website: Independent Travel Help .


nlNederlands (Dutch)

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