Travel Collage Australia: 10 Top Sights Not To Skip on Your Next Trip


In this Travel Collage, Australia is the start of the show! I’ll list my top 10 list of sights and activities that I believe you shouldn’t miss on your next adventure through the country.


Travel Collage Australia

Travel Collage Australia: 10 Top Sights Not To Skip on Your Next Trip || The Travel Tester


A monumental start of your journey

Most people will start their trip in Australia in Sydney (1). It’s the place I live at the moment and I find it very clean, beautiful and full of little surprises. It’s very hard not to be impressed with the harbours, the variety of neighbourhoods and different cultures that await you behind every corner. Come over and visit, there a lots of activities to do in Sydney.

Rainforests and Ocean Worlds

(2) The tropical north (Cairns, Atherton Tablelands, Cape Tribulation and the Daintree) is one of my many favourite places to travel to in Australia. Top sights in the North of Australia are: Lush green rain forests, wild cassowaries, tropical fruit, stunning beaches (beware of crocs, though) and hundreds of meters of boardwalks and hiking trails.

From Cairns, don’t forget to take a trip to the Great Barrier Reef and find out that the underwater world is even prettier then above.

Top sights from South to North Australia

One of the best road trips I’ve made in Australia is from Melbourne (10) in the south, to Alice Springs in the heart of the Red Centre (4). I found Melbourne a really pleasant city, with some nice characteristic squares that Sydney seems to miss a bit. It’s a very artistic city with loads of amazing sights such as architecture, design shops and monuments.

For the Great Ocean Road (3), you really want to schedule at least 2 days, because everywhere along the road are top sights such as lookouts, hiking trails and picnic spots to be found.

After passing Adelaide (the city of churches), you’ll enter the Stuart Highway that takes you all the way to Darwin in the north. To properly explore the area around Alice Springs (rock formations Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon), you want to give yourself at least 3 days. The Red Centre is an amazing cultural and historical place that doesn’t deserve to be rushed through in a tour bus.

Four seasons in a day

Tasmania (5) is a place a lot of tourist seem to forget, maybe it’s because a lot of people don’t even know it’s part of Australia. But this little island on the south of the main land is a true treasure and one of the most interesting sights in Australia.

With the 7 days I had (if you have more time, grab it!), I drove all around the island and saw coastal cliffs, amazing rivers and waterfalls, lush green fields, convict settlements, beaches, snowy mountains and even wild penguins. The weather is quite unpredictable over here, so make sure you have a good raincoat and warm clothes with you.


National Parks

If you think about Australia, you will think of great National Parks. There are hundreds, but from the ones I’ve visited, the Karijini National Park (6) on the West Coast and the Kakadu National Park (7) in the North were far out my favourites. Both featuring stunning cliffs and waterfalls, Karijini can make you feel like the only person on the planet and Kakadu learns you a lot about the Aboriginal heritage of Australia.

The national parks of Australia are must-see sights! I’ll promise you that you won’t forget either experiences any time soon!

West Coast Winner Sights

On my third visit to Australia, I finally visited the West Coast and was (as everyone) amazed by the natural beauty of this often skipped part of the continent. Broome (8) is the place you want to get to for crossing the Kimberly Region over to Darwin (and for some of the most amazing sunsets you’ll ever see) and on Rottnest Island (9) you can have a small taste of the jet setter life.

Whether you have a yacht just like some of the island’s visitors, it doesn’t matter. Rent a bike or book yourself on a private four seater plane to see all of the island’s beauty. Say hi to the cute Quokka’s from me! I miss them!


These where my Top 10 sights in Australia, but of course there is much more than that to discover in this vast country… You’ll never get bored here!


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What is your top-10 tip that makes a journey to Australia super-special?


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