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Who is The Travel Tester?

I’ve always considered The Travel Tester as a place where I would share destination guides and product reviews, but at the same time I’ve also been searching for a way to weave in a bit of a ‘deeper purpose’ or ‘message’, if you like, into the content I publish.

I am very interested in topics such as self-development, entrepreneurship, productivity and all areas of responsible living and sustainability. I’m an introvert, high sensitive, creative person (and a total millennial) and I often think about the (poor) state of the planet and how I live, think, consume, travel and work om it. I’m open to change and take (small) steps to live a more conscious life. I am curious about other cultures, languages and I love reading about innovating brands and initiatives that make the world a bit of a better place.

Last year, I was asked to become an ambassador for the space media & experiences company called ‘Space Nation’, who have the mission to not only make space discovery, education and wellness available to everyone, but also aim to build a global community without borders of people interested in connecting to protect our planet, look beyond it and prepare for our next giant leap.

They want people to adopt the ‘space lifestyle‘, which doesn’t mean you wear a space helmet and silver leggings to work and only watch X-Files (although… hey, why not?!), but simply recognize that you have the power to take the steps towards leading a healthier and more curious life by educating and equipping yourself with skills and knowledge needed for taking care of the world and people around you.

I really have the feeling that with this partnership, the many years of my blogging life have come a bit full-circle, as I think I have finally found that ‘secret sauce’ that I want to pour over all the content on The Travel Tester.

On the blog, you’ll be reading much more about lifestyle design and meaningful (travel) experiences and products that can enrich your life.

In ‘The Compass’ newsletter, I’m curating the best articles from other bloggers on all of the mentioned topics for you, and send a shortlist to you every Sunday morning, so you have some inspiring reads for the end of your weekend or the beginning of your next week.

I hope that all of the content I share with you will enable you to live your own life to the fullest, push your limits when needed and make your dreams come true, while at the same time making the world a better place, one step at the time. If you have any suggestions on blogs I should follow or topics I should write more about, please let me know!

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