World Trip 2006

In 2006, I made my first ever solo world trip. I travelled from Amsterdam in The Netherlands to Tokyo in Japan and then continued on to Sydney in Australia.


What followed was a 3-month road trip along the beaches of the East Coast of Australia to Cairns, then onward to learn about Aboriginal history around Darwin, Alice Springs and the National Parks of the Northern Territory and back South to the lush green and rugged coast of the wine regions surrounding Adelaide and Melbourne, before returning back to world city Sydney.


It was an epic trip that I decided to document on an online blog and it soon became a place where not only friends and family, but also strangers could follow my latest adventures and ask questions along the way.


I never expected to find so much joy in recording my travels and interacting with others about it on the road, but I never stopped blogging and the rest is history!



Welcome to The Travel Tester, a place where we not only document our current travels, but look back at the destinations we visited in the past and stop to think about the lessons we learned from them.


Under the tag ‘World Trip 2006’, you can read my diary from this first ever -and quite frankly life-changing- world trip. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it!


– Nienke