Time for Change: Embracing the Space Lifestyle with Space Nation

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Space Nation is building a global community without borders of people interested in connecting to protect our planet, look beyond it and prepare for our next giant leap. Through this program, you are able to bring space right into your everyday life.

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UPDATE NOVEMBER 2018I am writing with great sadness, that Space Nation does no longer exist. It’s been a wild ride and who knows what the future might bring us, but for now, there is no astronaut training program running.


As you might have read in my post about becoming a Space Nation astronaut, I’ve started working with one of the most amazing clients ever. And I’m so excited about what’s coming up:

Space Nation is a groundbreaking Finnish startup and space media company that is using NASA’s learnings to develop a unique app (launching soon, can’t wait to share more!) where you can train yourself with the same program that astronauts are using to prepare themselves to go to space. I had a quick sneak peek and guys, it’s amazing. There will be missions to complete around navigation, science and physics but also topics as cultural understanding and motivation.

You see, being an astronaut isn’t just about having a high IQ and being super fit. It’s also about being able to cope with loneliness, working with people from all parts of our globe and using your skills to create a better place for us all, in space AND on earth.


Space Nation has a mission to make space discovery, education and wellness accessible to everyone.


Time for Change: Embracing the Space Lifestyle with Space Nation || The Travel Tester


Meet Space Nation Orbit

Besides the Space Nation brand itself, there is also an online magazine about that ‘space lifestyle’ called Space Nation Orbit. Here, you can read all about topics such as inspiration, wellness, lifestyle, entertainment and sci-tech.

It moves away from the pure science & tech talk and dives more into topics that will make you think about life on earth and beyond and (hopefully!) inspire you to take action in developing yourself and taking care of our planet.

In the end, our tiny earth is part of the universe, so technically, you are already a space traveller, you probably just didn’t know it yet!

I’m writing articles for Orbit (which I’ll share links to here on the blog, so you won’t miss them) and I’m also working on growing their Orbit Pinterest channel, which you can find here:



Time for Change: Embracing the Space Lifestyle with Space Nation || The Travel Tester


Time for Positive Change

I’ve recently written about the struggles of working as a freelancer and I’m so happy that through this project I get connected to like-minded people again and work on articles that I feel contribute something to this world. In fact, at the end of January I will be travelling to the Space Nation office in HELSINKI and meet the entire team for the first time in real life to talk about all the exciting projects that we’re going to work on together. I will keep you posted on that too, of course.

I can’t imagine a better turn of events for me after losing a big client earlier this year and it shows that no matter how many doors close, another (better one) will always open for you.



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Nederlands (Dutch)

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