Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Travel Movement!

Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester
Research shows that more than 28% of British holiday-goers regret not slowing down on their holiday. Are you one of them? Here are some tips to slow down.

We all have busy lives. And we all need more holidays, always. But have you ever thought about what you actually DO (or rather: DON’T DO) on your travels makes a huge difference to how well-rested and energized you come back afterwards?

The other day, I was at a small PR-event in Tate Modern on invitation of Florida’s Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Here I learned that they recently did a survey under 2000 British holidaymakers and that in the results one thing became clear: most of us simply don’t know how to really take advantage of the downtime we get when we’re not at home or at work.


Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester


Biggest Travel Regrets

It turns out that busy people who pack too many things in their day-to-day lives also do this on their precious holiday time.

28% of people in the survey said they have regretted cramming too much activities into their holiday and not making the time to actually slow down.

Recognize this? I totally do!

I’ve spend so many hours planning some of my trips ahead, creating road trip itineraries and Google maps with interesting sights and restaurants, that most of my trips almost seem like a military operation.

I kid you not.

And that often lead to disappointment on the road, because…


You really can’t properly experience 9 cities in less than four weeks in India

(yet, that’s what we did, including severe food poisoning)

Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester

Those Faces. Our travel schedule BROKE us.


…or see 40 hotspots in just 8 hours in Brussels (I ended up seeing about 9 of them, then met up with a friend I hadn’t seen for about 4 years and she showed me a couple really cool places that weren’t even on my list, which was much more rewarding)

Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester   Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester

I’ts all about the people, y’all!


And the worst thing is? We make the same mistake over and over again.

19% of travellers said they regretted arranging too much on a holiday and 6% said they made the same mistake every time they went away


Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester

Nick at yet another one of our famously over-planned road trips in Australia


Travel Planning v.s. Mental Health… You Pick!

Being too busy on your holiday not only makes you feel rushed, it can have an impact on your relationship with travel partners as well. 13% of people in the survey said they had argued on holiday about planning too much during their break and 1 in 10 said they argued about having too many activities in each day.

I remember Christmas 2011, when Nick and I lived in Australia and both our parents, my brother, a friend and Nick’s sister and boyfriend came to visit.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, we decided it was a good idea to spend three days driving the Great Ocean Road (8 hour round drive, not counting any stops) from and back to Melbourne before flying back to Sydney. Oh, and we also wanted to see a bit of Melbourne itself and the Penguin Parade on Philip Island (a good 4 hour return drive from Melbourne).

Because it all seemed like a good idea at the time.

Long story short:

  • Our rental car wasn’t at the airport in Melbourne because of a faulty booking, which took us about 3 hours and a lot of anger and frustration to sort out.
  • We didn’t know you needed to book well in advance for the Penguin Parade and so we didn’t get to see the penguins and drove 4 hours for nothing.
  • Because we started the day much, much later than expected, we ended up having to drive in the dark, which was NOT fun.
  • Everything that went wrong just killed the mood a bit and there were definitely tensions, plus the fact that I felt super guilty for bringing everyone out to this ‘awesome place that they HAD to see’… while everything in Australia was new and amazing to them, so it didn’t really matter where we ended up going, or not going.
  • We should have just stayed in Sydney and CHILL THE F. OUT


Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester

Oh yeah. I forgot! Our car also broke down and we had a bunch of surfer dudes help us out. Turned out there was a huge storm in the last days and apparently tons of wood chips ended up being blown into our car engine. You couldn’t even make this shit up if you wanted to.

PS. Check my mum in the background taking a good distance of the situation – and considering her 73rd cigarette of the morning.


The Travel Tester - Practical Information

Join The Slow Travel Movement

Do you often feel rushed and stressed-out on your holiday because you want to ‘see it all’?

Do you wish you relaxed more and switched completely off from work and being on your phone too much?

Then perhaps it’s time to join the Slow Travel Movement.

Slow travel isn’t so much about doing less, but more about having the head space to draw breath every now and then and take stock of what’s valuable in your life


Here are 5 easy tips on how to do that:

  1. Stick to one main destination as a base (take day trips if you want to do more)
  2. Choose a destination where there are restaurants and bars to walk to (avoid stressful traffic situations)
  3. Go off the beaten track (no cell phone reception preferred)
  4. Go into nature (feel the water, breathe in the air, hear the birds, taste the salt, see the beauty)
  5. Leave your phone and tablet at home (ooh scary! you can start by leaving it in the hotel for the day and see how you go)


Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester


I’d love to hear your stories about over-planned holidays or those moments that you just couldn’t switch off. It would make me feel better about myself, for sure, haha! But I also hope you found this article on slow travel interesting and that the next time you plan a trip, you think about leaving some air in your schedule to simply enjoy the destination you’re in and taking in the moment.

I’m sure it will do you lots of good!


We believe it’s time to champion a slow holiday movement to help people really take full advantage of their holiday time, to give them the space to get closer to loved ones and to get deeper into the places that they are visiting – Deputy Director of the Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, Pamela Johnson


Are You Too Busy To Enjoy Your Holiday? Join The Slow Holiday Movement! || The Travel Tester

“Genieten”, the Dutch word for “To Enjoy”


Disclaimer: I was not sponsored or asked to write about this survey, just found it really interesting! Hoping to share more of these interesting travel researches and facts in the future to help you with your self-development, let me know if you would be interested in that.

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  1. says: stephanie

    Great article! I love slow travelling.
    I like to decide in the moment if I want to stay a day, a week or two weeks (sometimes I wished I could have stayed even longer!).
    Slow travel means you really get to see the culture and such.

  2. says: Irene

    Slow travel is not new to my generation. But since we stared home exchanging some years ago, we’ve been enjoying it so much more. You stay in one place long enough to get to know some of the locals ; feel the rhythm , and find quirky, out of the way places. Add a few side trips and day trips and it’s a real holiday .

  3. says: Mark

    My wife and I did a 16 month trip and tried to plan by regions. In the end we slowed down. We told ourselves we’d do 2 months max in Central America and ended up doing about 6 months. Even during these 6 months we felt we could have slowed down but made a decision to move forward. Now we’re running a hotel in El Nido, Philippines called The Birdhouse. It’s set up perfectly for a retreat. However most people come for 2-4 days then leave. We can see how tense some people are even as their decompressing from the city and the hectic lifestyles’ they’ve created for themselves. We completely agree that if it’s possible, go slow, plan less, and be open. Thanks for the post, as a newbie to the blog I found this quite refreshing!

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