One Day In Gengenbach, Germany? Complete City Break Guide

At the Western edge of the Black Forest in Germany, you can find the picture-perfect, 13th century town of Gengenbach. I paid a visit there a couple of months ago and still hadn’t found the time to share this story with you. I guess I also wanted to keep this to myself a bit.

While I was thinking about what to write about my visit, which was really only about one hour in between to trains before travelling onward to Freiburg and back home to London, I realized I couldn’t find the words.

Yes, the medieval ‘Altstadt’ was beautiful.

Yes, I can totally see why this is a popular place for people to visit.

But words just cannot seem to do it justice, and so I’ve decided to turn this article into a photo post. Because, well, just look at the images and you will know exactly what I mean:

Gengenbach: The Prettiest Town in Germany?


How to get to Gengenbach:

From Freiburg, you can take the Intercity train to Offenburg, where you change onto the local train that stops at Gengenbach. Pretty easy! It’s about 50 minutes, you can get a ticket from the machine on the station. It’s around 15 Euros one way.


Read more on the Baden Württemberg Region:


I was invited to the Black Forest Region by the German Tourism Office as part of the #JoinGermanTradition Blog Trip in June 2015, created and executed by iambassador in cooperation with the Dutch office of the German Tourism Authority. Gengenbach wasn’t on the itinerary, I just went there because a local told me to not miss it. And you should always listen to the locals, obviously!

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