Beautiful Breakfast at the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, Germany [Accommodation Review]

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In this ‘Sunday Suggestion’, you will find my personal tips for memorable eating, sleeping and shopping around the world. If you have any local favourites yourself, please feel free to share them as well!

I visited the Michelberger Hotel in Berlin, Germany in March when I was in the city for a blogging bootcamp and the ITB Travel Trade Show. I had already heard good things about this hotel, but of course I only believe that when I’ve seen it with my own eyes :)

Reception Area

As soon as you walk in the hotel, there is a great atmosphere because of the big lounge and dining area. It feels more like a hostel than a hotel. The reception area is nothing more that a round wooden desk and makes it really informal.

When I arrive, my rooms isn’t ready yet, so I relax a bit in the bar area and have some tea, a snack and free WiFi. Not bad waiting like this at all!

Incredible Breakfast at Michelberger Hotel - Berlin, Germany | The Travel TesterEntrance to the bar of the hotel, called ‘Honolulu’

My Room: The Loft

I stay the night in a loft room, meaning our super-kingsize bed is high up in the air. We have a relaxing sofa, a desk, separate toilet, walk-in shower and sink under the bed. Lots of space and all we need.

With the bed, I feel like I’m 9 again when I had a similar high bed at home!

The Breakfast

In don’t believe I’ve ever taken so many photos at a hotel breakfast buffet as here, but just by looking at the pictures, you can sort see why. It seems there hasn’t been any detail forgotten, both in the interior design as in the food. There is a wide range of (all home-made, all organic) food, from fresh bread, yogurts, vegetables and jams to lovely juices, coffee and my favourite: Mint Tea.

I can recommend not only arriving early for first choice, but also if you are looking to get some great pictures, before everyone starts digging in :)

The hotel even has their own coconut water!

Finally, I have a breakfast worth Instagramming. So this is how that works.

I really enjoyed my stay in the Michelberger hotel, although every breakfast I have from here on forward will probably be disappointing. Guess I have to return here one day! While I don’t really like their website as I find it quite confusing to navigate and gives out a totally different feel than what the place is actually like, I cannot think of any other flaws apart from the fact that there are not more of these funky hotels in other cities in the world.

Name Hotel: Michelberger Hotel

Address: Warschauer Straße 39/40, 10243 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 29778590


Prizes: Loft room from 94 EUR/Night

Disclaimer: I was a guest of The Michelberger hotel as part of ITB Blogcamp, all photos and opinions are my own.


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