These Are My Favourite New Year Resolution Ideas For Next Year!

How was your year up until this point? Good? I hope so! But whether you had a great year or not, the arrival of the new year always feels like a fresh start, doesn’t it? At least, that’s how it feels for me. I start making new plans, crack open a new bullet journal and start dreaming of everything I can see, do, experience or become!

I must say, that I am definitely a ‘list-person’, meaning that I don’t really let any opportunity past where I can list things I love or want for myself. In this post, I’m gathering some of my favourite new year resolution ideas (based on an old post I found from back in 2014!), so you can get inspired too and design the best life for yourself as well.


1. Visit New Countries

This has always been at the top of my resolutions list, and it’s on here again for the next year! In 2014, I wanted to visit 5 new countries, so I’d visited 30 countries, but in 2019 I only have to visit 2 more countries to reach number 40! WOW! I know it’s all about the experience, not the numbers, but I actually love counting the places I’ve been!

There is more then enough to choose from, as I would still love to visit: Costa Rica, Indonesia, China, Norway, Switzerland, Philippines, Mexico, South-Africa, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia and there is a fair chance that I’ll be visiting the Faroe Islands soon! Which countries are on your list?


2. Double Website Traffic

Again, it’s not just about the numbers, but doubling my website traffic is also always on my resolutions list. By more traffic, I earn more income (which is nice on its own of course), but that also means that I can inspire twice as many people to travel, both around the UK on my website ‘The London Tester’ as internationally, here on The Travel Tester.

My strategies for increasing website traffic are: getting better hosting (just made the switch!), writing a lot more articles about destinations I’ve already been (and linking them together, so you’ll get a nice and meaty destination guide) and perhaps even most importantly: optimise the content that’s already on this website. That means deleting ugly, useless posts from back when I started, to adding better resources, more tips, better photos and making everything easier to read and to find for you!

In 2014, my goals were to get 10.000+ visitors to my website, next year I’m going for 100.000!!


3. Teaching What I Know

I used to be a school teacher and I still love teaching! But when my resolutions were to speak for the first time at a blogger conference, I’ve done this many times now and I must say that I don’t enjoy speaking just about Pinterest anymore, I want to talk about other things as well! Last year, I spoke about native and bilingual language blogging together with Sofie from at Traverse in Rotterdam, which was so much fun and I would love to talk about more topics, such as creating product reviews, but also about general blogging tips, UK travel and how we’re living abroad as expats.

Another way I would love to teach more is by creating products such as e-books and currently, I’m working hard to create fun walking guides for London visitors. More on that soon!


4. Creating Travel Videos

Haha, this has also been on my new years resolutions list since forever, and no, I still haven’t created the time to work on this. Next year for sure! I’ve already invested in Adobe Premier Pro and played around with it, but it’s time I start working with all those hours and hours of video from my travels, before the countries are changes too much!

I think the most important lesson is here that I have to stop being such a perfectionist and start DOING instead of overthinking things and wanting the end result to be amazing right away. Practice makes Perfect!


5. See More of the United Kingdom

We’ve been living in the UK for over 5 years now and with a new website that’s completely about UK travel, of course there is a lot on my wish list in England, Scotland, Wales, (Northern)Ireland and the Channel Islands.

For example, I’d love to visit: Edinburgh, Leeds, St Ives, Dundee, Guernsey,York,  Jersey, Isle of Man, Isle of Skye and see more of Wales, Scotland and (Northern)Ireland in general!

For London, I still want to visit and experience: The Afternoon Tea Bus (and ALL the other Afternoon Teas in general), The Postal Museum, Riding a Boris Bike, Climb the O2,




And as you can see I’m still working on this article. Please hold me accountable to finish this!


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