London Diary #004 – Meeting the Blogger Community

London Diary
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Another week has passed since we arrived in London and it’s been a surprisingly busy one. With the WTM in town (the World Travel Market), the entire week was basically about blogging, so let me show you all what that meant for me, my daily routine and Nick’s sanity…


WTM is basically a get together of everyone that has something to do with travel. Suppliers, Tourism Boards, Media, PR… if they’re serious about the travel industry, they’re there.

And with bloggers being able to register as press (just to make us feel extra special of course), quite a few of us made our way over to London for networking, talking to old- and new friends… and searching for lots of free food and alcohol, as you do when travelling (we all know travel equals being poor).

One of my first stops after cleaning out the media lounge of their press kits and free tea and wifi, was visit Puglia. This is a region in the south of Italy and apparently it’s filled with gorgeous landscapes, mind-blowing food, great events and lovely people. Seems like a perfect match for me! Carlo (see picture below), who I briefly met in Italy a couple of weeks ago during the TBDI Travel Blogging Conference, invited me and a couple of other bloggers to get hands-on in a cooking class. Sweet! (Literally, because we made cakes and cookies!)

It was so much fun hanging out here, talking about future projects and sipping the wine that Carlo kindly kept feeding us :) Keep checking the blog, because there might be some cool Puglia projects coming up next year!


WTM London - Puglia Stand

WTM London - Puglia Stand  WTM London - Puglia Stand  WTM London - Puglia Stand


Cooking together with Kerwin McKenzie, a great travel blogger with whom I always have a lot of fun with!


WTM London - Puglia Stand

Hanging out in Puglia, doing our business as usual…



Continuing the fun on Tuesday, after a great party last night at The Double Tree by Hilton (did I just mention earlier travel bloggers where poor?), most of us were brave enough for another long day of networking and listening to presentations.

My score of the day? Meeting with lots of strange characters!

Cool, but scary falcon in Abu Dhabi and a cool, but scary wax model of 007 in The Netherlands…. Oh, the things travel bloggers see on a random Tuesday…


WTM London - Falcon   WTM London - James Bond
WTM London - Dutch Stand

It actually got quite busy at the stand of The Netherlands at the end of the day, as Heineken sponsored a little WTM party! We Liked.



Besides free food and drinks, which we don’t mind at all, we also got to WTM to learn a bit more about the craft of blogging. TBU (Travel Bloggers Unite, a conference that I visited earlier this year) organised a couple of presentations to educate the travel industry about the value of working with bloggers and to learn us to get valued for our work.

I always love these sessions and take lots of notes, so if you’d like to know more what we talked about, click on the link in the text above to find out!



After collecting our -mind you, well-earned- free food samples (ice cream from Ecuador, Pasta from Italy and a Pisco Sour Cocktail from Chili), we listened to the last of the presentations, handed out the last of our business cards and made our way over to an apartment that some of the bloggers have stayed in for the week, in Greenwich.

As we were all so tired, we didn’t stay too long, but it was great to sit down at the end with some of these amazing people that made the week very special!


WTM London - Ice Cream   WTM London - Puglia Stand   WTM London - Pisco Sour

Food, glorious food…

…and the best views of London by night:

London - Emirates Rail

We took the ‘Emirates Rail Way’, a cable cards that goes over the river Thames to the other side of the city, really quite an awesome experience!

(want to hear us scream? video by Teresa Keane)



WTM London Bloggers

And then the lovely blogger ladies Alison, Susi and Carina made us even more great food!

Friday, Saturday & Sunday

These days were really all about relaxing after a busy week and  Nick was happy to have me ‘back to normal’ as well. We re-introduced ourselves (basically didn’t see him all week since I arrived here) and planned a quiet weekend of cooking together, watching movies and exploring the area.


Gails Bakery London

We had a great breakfast feast at a local bakery (will write more about it soon!)

Chapel Markets London

Shopping at the local markets

Cake in London

Cake, because it was my mum’s birthday on Sunday! Had a great Skype chat as well and it was great to see everyone again. Felt a little bit part of the party that way :)


Cake in London   Cake in London


Talk to you all soon!

xx Nienke and Nick


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