London Diary #003 – First London Steps & World Travel Market

London Diary
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I’ve arrived in London. This is happening!

Here is a short overview of my first week:


London Diary #003 - The Move to London



After driving from Amsterdam to London with my dad (and a car full of kitchen utensils), the first day of exploring my new neighbourhood “Exmouth Market” involved a lot of relaxing tea, almond croissants and free WiFi at the local bakery. Little steps to start off with!


London Diary #003 - The Move to London

London Diary #003 - The Move to London



I got a little bit more adventurous today and walked down the main road for about 20 minutes, until I realised that at that point, I was already smack in the center of London at the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Location Location!

Then, after another 10 minutes, I walked over the Millennium Bridge and straight into the Tate Modern Museum. I think I’m gonna love it here!


London Diary #003 - The Move to London



After all the excitement yesterday, I didn’t go too far today, but did admire the amazing food stalls that are lined up all around our neighbourhood pretty much every day of the week. From German Bratwurst to Spanish Paella, you can find it all – yum!


London Diary #003 - The Move to London



This week, I had one (very important) goal to reach, and that was of course to visit the Primark on Oxford Street.

Again, this turned out to not be much longer than a 20 minute walk from home (I will stop the bragging later) and I really had to hold back to not buy the entire shop. Because I’m still unemployed of course… and we kind of need to eat for some strange reason.

Also. As tomorrow is Friday the 13th… I was happy to see that we live right next to this street…


London Diary #003 - The Move to London



Starting next week (or this week when you read this post), the WTM is in town. This is the World Travel Market and it’s a very busy week where we -as travel bloggers- get the opportunity to meet the tourism industry, listen to presentations and network on loads of events.

Then I had a date with James Bond. Or at least his wax twin :D


London Diary #003 - The Move to London



After a night of really bad wine (I’ve got more people to confirm this), there wasn’t much energy left in me on Saturday and I sincerely apologize to Nick who was looking forward to do a bit of sight seeing.

We did manage to do to the supermarket at the end of the afternoon, which in itself is entire new attraction, and we even joined a couple of travel bloggers at their house in the evening. Great meeting old and new friends!!


London Diary #003 - The Move to London



At yet another blogger event, this time on walking distance from home (fancy!), we got to geek out with a Google Glass that one of the people there was beta-testing. The girl that owns this glass is actually a translator for her friend who is a deaf travel blogger and they travel all around the world together… that’s even cooler than the Google Glass, isn’t it?


London Diary #003 - The Move to London


That was it for this week, just a short update, as I have to run off for more WTM goodness, but I promise to write more soon!



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