Austrian Food at Kipferl in London, England

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Austrian Food at Kipferl in London, England | The Travel Tester

Kipferl in London, England


Last year, I travelled a lot through Germany and Austria en so I’ve become quite familiar with the delicious kitchen of these two countries. And yes, there is more than schnitzel! During our lunch, my colleagues had the idea to visit Kipferl, a real Austrian restaurant in the heart of London. How fun is that?


Austrian Food at Kipferl in London, England | The Travel Tester

Austrian Food at Kipferl in London, England | The Travel Tester

While at lunch time, my colleagues all jumped straight onto the schnitzel, that is a bit too much for me, so I went for the ‘Brotzeit’ bread platter instead. Nice bread, spreads, salad and meats. Very tasty and just enough for me.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the restaurant, all very clean, simple and clearly focused on serving great food. Next time I come back, I will definitely try the warm meals as well!


The Travel Tester || Practical

Name: Kipferl Cafe & Kitchen

Address: 20 Camden Passage, London N1 8ED

Phone: 0044(0)20 7704 1555


Prizes: Kasespaetzle (£12.50) or Wiener Schnitzel (£17.50) as a main and Kaiserschmarren as desert (£7.80)


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Austrian Food at Kipferl in London, England | The Travel Tester

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  1. says: Linda March

    I wonder what kind of food is considered traditional in Austria. I know that the schnitzel is their trademark, but I’m curious about other traditional foods. Since I’m far from London know, I doubt that I can try it there.

    Maybe in Austria…..

    1. says: Nienke Krook

      Hi Linda, the Austrians have lots of great food, I would recommend the Marillenknödel (dumpling stuffed with an apricot), Kaiserschmarrn (shreds of pancake with different toppings) and the Kässpätzle (egg noodles prepared with cheese). So yummy!

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