Fizzle Show Podcast Notes Episode 001-010: Finding your voice as an entrepreneur and staying motivated

Fizzle Show Podcast Notes Episode 001-010: Finding your voice as an entrepreneur and staying motivated || The Travel Tester
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The Fizzle Show is the podcast of, a website and community that helps you earn a living independently doing something you care about. Here are my notes from Episode 001 - 010.

I love to listen to a good business podcast and the Fizzle Show podcast was one of the first I ever listened to.

The Fizzle Show is the podcast of, a website and community that helps you earn a living independently doing something you care about. It’s run by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Steph Crowder and they have an active forum, a BIG course library, free coaching calls and their ‘road map’, which will guide you though all the steps of building your own business.

You can try them out for a few weeks by checking out their website:

I had to get into this podcast a bit, because the guys tend to get off topic a lot and just joke around, but after a while I really started to get their humor, their visions on being an entrepreneur and I started filtering out the business tips (and general thoughts on life) that I found most resonating with me.

In this post, I’ll share my personal favourite quotes and insights from episode 001 tot 010 with you (in the beginning, the podcasts were with Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik), and then you can head over to the Podcast to listen to the episodes themselves if you want! Next time, I’ll continue with the future episodes.





Fizzle Show Podcast Notes Episode 001-010: Finding your voice as an entrepreneur and staying motivated || The Travel Tester


Episode 001 & 002 – How to Find Your Voice

  • Finding your voice is related to self-actualization
  • Write from your expertise, don’t try to write like someone you’re not
  • Look at what others do and emulate that, walk in their shoes for a bit, but eventually you need to develop your own personality in your writing. BE YOU.
  • Signs you don’t have your own voice:
    1. Every time you need to make a decision, you check how others/your mentor do(es) it
    2. Your friends don’t recognize you in your content
    3. You struggle to find new content ideas
    4. You feel emotional ups and downs based on (lack of) validation from others
    5. You feel like you need permission from others all the time
  • As a writer, you want to have an emotional connection with your audience
  • If you feel any confidence when you’re writing about something, that means that there’s a nugget of your true voice there
  • Writing about something you actually care about is freedom
  • Narrow down your audience as much as you can to be more authentic
  • Make the solution you offer to the problem of your audience unique in some way to make you stand out



Episode 003, 004 & 005 – The Stories of Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik

  • Start to live your life now and stop waiting for everything to line up in your career
  • What is your site about and why does it matter?
  • Put a picture of yourself on your homepage and nail the headline
  • COPY is the design
  • Business is about making something that people want
  • Just start walking in a direction, that will lead you somewhere



Episode 006 – Lifestyle Businesses

  • Are you loving what you do? What was the last time you had to be ripped away from something?
  • You CAN start a business that makes you a decent amount of money that allows you to live a great lifestyle
  • A lot of workaholics are inefficient: once you get past a certain amount of hours in a week, your creative energy is just gone. So why not get out and stretch your legs for a bit and recharge those creative juices and come back and hit it hard?
  • How do you run your business best?
  • What would it look like when you’re successful?



Episode 007 – What Does it Take to Entrepreneur?

  • Just because you hate your job, doesn’t mean you’re an entrepreneur
  • Stay dedicated to action, don’t get stuck on one thing and give up
  • Connect with people that are on the same path



Episode 008 – Choosing and Vetting a Business Idea

  • Ideas are worthless unless acted upon
  • Choosing and vetting a business ideas Checklist:
    • FACTOR 1 – demand – Are there people out there who care about this subject?
    • FACTOR 2 – competition – How much competition is there out there and do you want to be part of it?
    • FACTOR 3 – interest – How much do you actually care about this topic?
    • FACTOR 4 – expertise – How much expertise do you actually have in this area? Or how quick can you gain expertise?
    • FACTOR 5 – specificity – How specific and directed is your topic? How narrow is the thing you’re trying to solve?
    • FACTOR 6 – differentiation – Can you differentiate your idea to everything else out there? Through which lens do you cover your topic?
    • FACTOR 7 – customer base – Do (will) you like the customers you are going to attract?
    • FACTOR 8 – monetization – Will people pay for products or services around this idea?
  • Care, Serve and Show up every day



Episode 009 – Small Business Accounting: Where Do I Put The Money?

  • Set up a separate bank account for your business
  • Get accounting software
  • Once a month, log into your accounting software and categorize all your transactions (revenue/expense > meals, equipment, subscription, etc.) to then generate your financial reports (balance sheet, profit/loss, cashflow statement, etc.). This will show you what you spend money on (and where you could spend less) and which sales channels are working well or not so good.



Episode 010 – How to Stay Motivated

  • How can something matter to you when you forgot about it?
  • Allow yourself to be happy!
  • You need to be active daily and get out for fresh air and connect with people
  • Cultivate and enjoy friendships
  • Form a mastermind group



These were my personal favourite quotes from The Fizzle Show Podcast Episode 001-010, but of course there was a TON of things that got covered in the episodes, so I can recommend giving them a listen. What were your favourite take-aways?

Don’t forget to try out Fizzle for a couple of free weeks by visiting and then I’ll be sharing my favourite quotes from Episode 011-020 with you soon! 



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