The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs June 2013

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I want to… Get Active

Parahawking in Nepal

I didn’t do any adventure activities in Nepal besides trekking, but Dave shows in a video on Go Backpacking an amazing activity you can do!

10 Things to Do in St. Maarten

Having lived on St. Maarten as a kid, I always love to see what the island looks like now. Thank you Jennifer (JDomb’s Travels)

The Salcantay Trek: Why I Closed my Eyes at Machu Picchu

As part of a series of three, Flora from Flora the explorer has written about her trekking through Peru. And to be honest, I would have closed my eyes too.

The beautiful solitude of Doubtful Sound

Dave from What’s Dave doing is showing yet another beautiful part of New Zealand in this post. Makes me want to go back there!


The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs June 2013 || The Travel Tester

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand


I want to… Eat Well

Taiwan & Traditional Tea At Its Best

Attention Foodies: Taste the Best of French Polynesia’s Vanilla Island

World Class Food at Borkonyha Wine Kitchen in Budapest, Hungary

How Holland (Almost) Turned Me into a Foodie

Za’atar – The Best Spice in the Middle East

Eating on the Road in Iceland

Vegetarian Survival Guide to Mexico

In South Indian Food Heaven in Malaysia

How to find authentic food while travelling


The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs June 2013 || The Travel Tester

Indian Food


I want to… Learn Something

Facing First Time Traveling Fears

Jessica from Suitscase and sippy cups talks about that thing we all had when travelling for the first time: the fear of the unknown and stepping out of your comfort zone

How travel has ruined me

Katka thinks back about her travels and writes about it on the Matador Network. A fun post about the different cultural norms of countries and how to adjust when you come back home.

What I learned about myself in Bali

Talon of 1dad1kid always searches for unique experiences in his travels and even on the touristy island of Bali, he pulled it off. A great story about art, creating something and breaking out from structure…

Travel is Life Intensified

Lisa from LLWorldtour participated in a video chat with the topic ‘local travel’ and in this post, she elaborates a bit more on why she gets a buzz from travel.

Ten ways to be eco-friendly on the road

Some great tips by Chris on the Indie Travel Podcast about ways to be more responsible when you travel

The Origin of Serendipity

Juno from Runaway Juno goes into her experiences with serendipity on the road.

Our Greatest Travel Accomplishment…

A great travel insight by Giselle and Cody on the My Destination travel blog: letting go of material things has enriched them during their travels.


The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs June 2013 || The Travel Tester
Relax on Bali


nlNederlands (Dutch)

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