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I reserve the right to change any of these Terms and Conditions at any given time on this website. As I am quite unpredictable and a restless person, please check back here often.

Even though I work very hard to provide you with up-to-date information (through thorough research and eating lots of cookies while re-writing already published articles), I make no representations or warranties of any kind (expressed or implied) about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any information, products, services or related graphics contained on The Travel Tester for any purpose.

Especially when it comes to current prices, addresses, opening hours, phone numbers, travel information and website addresses, I advice you to double check. You don’t want to drive for over 2 hours with screaming kids in the back of the car to an amusement park that has been turned into a scrap yard only three days ago, or do you?

I aim to provide you with accurate information at the time of publishing, but some information will understandably be less accurate as time passes. Should you find any inaccurate information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will drop everything, get behind my laptop and correct this world shocking mistake right away… or as soon as I finished my cup of tea. I do have my priorities you see.

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All the information provided on thetraveltester.com is for general information and entertainment purposes only and is the expressed opinion of myself, Nienke Krook (‘The Travel Tester‘) and not others. This includes (but is not limited to) my membership organisations and/or employers. My boss even calls me a geek in public, so be aware that some articles can be a bit different to what you might be used to, though.

I am not providing any medical, legal, professional … gynecological, astrological, paleontological, philosophical, bacteriological, mineralogical, criminological or dermatological advice. You are taking all the provided information at your own risk. Please contact your local hospital, jurist, emergency service, bar association, phone book, Google or your mother to find or obtain a referral to a competent professional.

Under no circumstances will I be liable for any loss or damage (including without limitation indirect or consequential loss or damage) or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use of this website.

I cannot be held responsible for any offence taken due to translation, interpretation or mistakes in grammar and/or punctuation of my website’s content. I am Dutch. Forgive me.

Although I try to keep thetraveltester.com running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, access to the site may be temporarily or permanently suspended and without notice at my own discretion, due to possible updates or technical issues beyond my control, such as my cat deciding the best place for a nap is my keyboard. I will not be liable if for any reason the website is unavailable at any time or for any period of time. I will try to get the website back online as soon as possible. Or as soon as my cat decides to move over.

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Any personal and/or contact information provided to me will be kept private. You will not be spammed in any way, I will not send you Valentines and/or Christmas Cards (unless you ask me to and I really like you) and I will not sell or disclose your information to any other companies.

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of any of my advertisers or blog commenters.

Reserve Rights

I, Nienke Krook from The Travel Tester, reserves the right to change the focus of the blog (like turning it into a platform for fellow philanthropists and sand collectors – as I might very well do in the future), to shut it down, sell it, change the terms of use (go to a paid platform) at my own discretion.

I also reserve the rights to edit or delete any comments submitted to thetraveltester.com without notice due to: comments deemed to be spam or questionable spam, comments including profanity, comments containing language or concepts that could be deemed offensive, comments that attack a group or person individually, or comments from my parents telling me to call them more often. I do accept virtual kisses, flowers and encouraging pets on the back.

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I am not responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors. If you purchase a product or service based upon a link from my website, you must take action with that company to resolve any issues, not The Travel Tester.

Any product, claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question. Just because I like the colour red (usually with white polka dots), doesn’t have to mean you will like it too!

To help the website expand, to cover costs of running the site and for me to be able to fly to Fiji three times a year (YEAH I WISH!), some advertising and affiliate links are run on my website. Affiliate links earn me a (mind you – very) small commission on any purchases made when visiting Amazon after clicking on one of these links. I will do my absolute best to only provide you with information about (travel) products that I truly believe in. I will never take your trust for granted. All reviews on my website will be presented honestly and I will disclose whether I will be receiving any commissions or products for free.

Letters to the Editor

Any letters, e-mails, blog comments, responses on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, or questions written directly to me may be used to share with my blogging audience unless specifically requested otherwise. (Part of) these letters or emails, questions or any other feedback may be used in newsletters, blog posts, columns or up-and-coming books. Big compliments will be painted on a tile and put up in my bathroom.


Thank you so much for visiting my website and don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Nienke Krook


Read The Travel Tester’s privacy policy here.



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It’s come to our attention that this little disclaimer we wrote is quite popular! Feel free to use any parts of it for your own site, adding a bit of humour of your own, of course! Here at The Travel Tester, we’re all about supporting other bloggers like yourself! If you’d like to learn more about the different elements of a good disclaimer, please check our blog post: How to write a disclaimer for your blog: one that stands out.

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How to write a disclaimer for your blog: One that stands out || The Travel Tester

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How to write a disclaimer for your blog: One that stands out || The Travel Tester

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Your designs are just that – yours. Do you have the legal disclaimer blog knowledge and skill to protect your intellectual property, copyright, and trademarks? Join Rachel Rodgers for a deep dive into the intellectual property concepts every designer should know. You’ll learn about properly copyrighting your work, creating client service agreements, preventing infringement, and much more. No matter what kind of design you do, you’ll leave this class equipped and inspired to protect your unique work.

1 Intro to Advanced IP for Designers
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4 How to Incorporate CSAs into Your Business
5 IP Infringement Clause
6 No Guarantees & Cancellation Clauses
7 Boilerplate Clauses
8 Making Your CSA Work
9 Copyright for Designers
10 Hiring Subcontractors
11 Copyright Registration
12 How-To: Copyright Registration
13 Design Theft Prevention
14 Fair Use Disclaimer & Infringement


How to write a disclaimer for your blog: One that stands out || The Travel Tester

Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Filmmakers with Rachel Rodgers

It’s one thing to know terms like “copyright infringement” or “intellectual property” – understanding and applying those concepts as a filmmaker can be much more challenging. Join Rachel Rodgers to learn everything you need to know to become your own best advocate. In this class, you’ll learn when and why you need signed releases. You’ll also learn how to create client service agreements that protect your best interests. Rachel will also help you troubleshoot common copyright infringement issues filmmakers often face. Documentary filmmaker Eric Proux will join the conversation to share his been-there-done-that expertise. No matter what type of films you make, this class will give you the skills and confidence to both defend and profit from your unique creations.


1 Introduction to Advanced IP for Filmmakers
2 Looking Through the Lens of IP
3 Client Service Agreements
4 Grant of Rights Clause
5 Rights of Copyright
6 No Guarantees Clause
7 Works for Hire
8 Boilerplate Clauses
9 Building your Contract Monique Johnson
10 Copyright Benefits and Coverage
11 How-to Copyright Registration
12 Copyright Infringement in Films
13 The Public Domain
14 Trademark Registration


How to write a disclaimer for your blog: One that stands out || The Travel Tester

Copyright, Trademark, and Intellectual Property for Photographers with Rachel Rodgers

Whether you photograph weddings, capture senior portraits, or shoot high-fashion images, understanding key concepts like intellectual property, copyright, and trademarks is an essential part of succeeding a working photographer. Join Rachel Rodgers to explore the core concepts of intellectual property that every photographer should know. You’ll learn when and why you need model releases. You’ll also learn how to create client service agreements that protect your best interests. Rachel will also guide you through common infringement issues many photographers face. The skills you learn in this course will enable to you to be your own best advocate, and both defend and profit from your images.

1 Intro to Advanced IP for Photographers
2 Looking Through the Lens of IP
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6 The 5 Rights of Copyright
7 Guarantee and Cancellation Clauses
8 Boilerplate Clauses
9 Lessons Learned: Christa Meola
10 Copyright Registration
11 Works for Hire
12 How-to: Copyright Registration
13 Ways to Prevent Photo Theft
14 Ways to Handle Copyright Infringers
15 When It’s Not Infringment


How to write a disclaimer for your blog: One that stands out || The Travel Tester

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1 Class Introduction
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8 Sales Tax
9 Employees and Contractors
10 Contracts and Electronic Signatures
11 Releases and Permits
12 Relevance of Copyright
13 Copyright Registration
14 Copyright and Infringement
15 Licensing and Transferring
16 Licensed and Copyrighted Music
17 Accounting and Goal Setting
18 Financing Your Business
19 Quickbooks Overview
20 Tracking Profit and Loss with Quickbooks
21 Quickbooks Accounting System
22 Estimates and Invoices
23 Customizing Invoices
24 Bookkeeper vs Accountant
25 Unhappy Clients and Potential Liability
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27 Health Insurance and Retirement


How to Write a Disclaimer for Your Blog: One That Stands Out (And You Can Actually Understand)

Releases, Contracts, and Waivers for Photographers with Rachel Brenke

The use of legal documents is standard in business, but the understanding and implementation of these documents in photography businesses is less common. So many photographers land in hot water for not having or understanding the proper documents. Join Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog®, as she helps get you armed against liability and issues by discussing what releases should say and how to read contracts and waivers to set you up for success.

The Brenke Group, LLC, doing business as TheLawTog® (“TheLawTog”) provides an online legal portal to help customers identify business and legal problems commonly encountered by individuals in the photography industry. TheLawTog is not a law firm and does not and will not perform services performed by an attorney. TheLawTog is NOT a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Instead, TheLawTog provides templates and education to individuals who voluntarily chose to prepare their own legal and/or business documents, submit templates to licensed attorneys for modification, and/or for education purposes prior to contacting a licensed attorney.


1 Class Introduction
2 Basics of Contracts
3 Contract Requirements
4 Types of Legal Documents: Contracts, Model and Print Releases
5 Product, Payment, and Third Party Agreements
6 Implementation


How to Write a Disclaimer for Your Blog: One That Stands Out (And You Can Actually Understand)

Intellectual Property 101 with Rachel Brenke

Understanding how to create and defend your intellectual property is one of the trickiest issues plaguing photographers today. Join Rachel Brenke, TheLawTog®, as she gives you a 101 crash-course to make sure all areas of your business are covered, not just your photographs!


1 Class Introduction
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5 Final Q&A


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