Day Trip from Stuttgart, Germany: Complete Inspiration Guide to the Remstal Region

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Here’s a fun Day Trip from Stuttgart, Germany we can recommend: Discovering the Remstal Region, a great place for nature lovers!

Day Trip from Stuttgart: Discovering the Remstal Region

Art in the Vineyards

You can find the Remstal Valley East of Stuttgart and is a great place full of nature to explore. The Remstal Cyle route runs through the entire valley and there is also a Walking Trail that runs for 226 kilometer, so enough opportunities to get active!

If you’re looking to spot some art, you would be surprised to find it actually in the vineyards, but Remstal shows you that art doesn’t always have to hang or stand in a museum to be appreciated. In fact, the sculptures that you can find around the idyllic town of Strümpfelbach, look much better outside!

Along the 2,8 kilometer long sculpture trail, you can find 43 bronze and stone sculptures of ordinary people and animals. They were created by three generations: Professor Fritz Nuss and his son Professor Karl Ulrich Nuss, as well as two grandsons of Fritz: Christoph Traub and Felix Engelhardt.

Start the trail at the statue “Lautenspieler” (“Lute Player”) at the community building on the Kirschblütenweg in Strümpfelbach, then continue as shown on the map below:

Day Trip from Stuttgart: Discovering the Remstal Region | The Travel Tester

The house of one of the artists, as you can tell

Day Trip from Stuttgart: Discovering the Remstal Region | The Travel Tester

This one was my favourite!

Sculpture Avenue

Besides the sculpture trail, there is also a separate sculpture avenue, which you can reach by car (or better: you hike to them!). The theme of all these sculptures is ‘couples‘ and features 10 great works of people overlooking the valley.

In summer, you can enjoy the sculptures with a cold beer in your hand from the beer garden of the ‘Naturfreundehaus’, which is of course an offer you shouldn’t let go by!

Ecological Wines in Korb

Another piece of art, you could say, are the vineyards in the Remstal itself. And you’re lucky, because “Weinstadt” (Wine City) lies right in the heart of the wine-growing area of the Rems valley.

The five communities of Beutelsbach, Endersbach, Großheppach, Schnait and Strümpfelbach have a long tradition of wine-growing. Their quality wines all come from the cellars of private producers and as in Stuttgart, the winegrowers’ cooperatives have a great reputation far beyond the bounds of the region.

I get to meet Jens Zimmerle who runs the ‘Zimmerle’ winery in the town of Korb and is regarded as one of the emerging winegrowers Württemberg. His family has been making wine since 1647!

What I liked is that Jens places great emphasis on sustainable and natural winemaking. All the processes are done by hand and they are a member of the FairChoice® winemakers. This is a program where winemakers commit to make their operation transparent and to undergo regular reviews to make sure the wines are not just ecologically sound, but also socially just and economically viable.

FairChoice® provides wine lovers with guidance on the conscious choice of products that meet the criteria of sustainable management. How’s thát for responsible drinking?!

Day Trip from Stuttgart: Discovering the Remstal Region | The Travel Tester

Pure Art!

How to recognize a hardworking winegrower: check his hands!

Paragliding over the Vineyards

If you look on the photo below, you see the view from the hill next to Kleinheppach, looking out over Korb. So, I was supposed to go paragliding from here which I was really excited about, but unfortunately it was too windy and we had to cancel and I was a bit disappointed about it.

But then I had a close look at the ledge I would have had to jump from… and all of a sudden I was not too bothered anymore. Eep!

More nerves (and more time) than me? Check:

Strümpfelbach: Romantic Historical Town

The town of Strümpfelbach, Weinstadt’s smallest community, is a little place among the vineyards and orchard meadows with a real eye-catcher: old timbered buildings with narrow streets and alleyways. Just as you would expect every small town in South-Germany to be!

In fact, the vineyards and the timbered houses are closely linked: most of the buildings here were erected by winegrowers who wanted to show of their affluence with dramatic cellarway entrances.

Strümpfelbach was most probably founded as a settlement for “Winzer” (wine growers) by the older village of Endersbach, which is why they counted as one municipality up to the 16th century. Then there was a big conflict between the two communities over the ownership of a forest and the split began from there on.

Definitely visit “Landgasthof Hirsch”. This is the oldest guest house in Remstal, anno 1610! Since 1803, it’s in ownership of the Wachter family and they run a great restaurant here as well.

Must try: “Maultaschen”

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Disclaimer: I traveled to Stuttgart as part of the #JoinGermanTradition campaign created and executed by iambassador in cooperation with the Dutch office of the German Tourism Authority. All photos and opinions are my own, as always.


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