Courage and Clarity Podcast Notes Episode 001-006: Starting your own Business, Contracts and Facebook Ads

Courage and Clarity Podcast Notes Episode 001-006: Starting your own Business, Contracts and Facebook Ads || The Travel Tester
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Courage and Clarity is the podcast of Steph Crowder, talking with guests about their story and tips to earn an independent living doing something they love. Here are my notes from Episode 001 - 006.

Being a fan of the Fizzle Show podcast, I knew that member Steph Crowder was working on her own Podcast, so when it launched, I was hooked right away. Courage + Clarity is a unique podcast in that each guest gets two episodes: one in which they talk about their own personal story (courage) and one in which they give advice on their expert topic (clarity).

I really like Steph’s energy and her ability to summarize what her guests are saying, although sometimes, I feel that she needs to calm down a bit as she can become a bit too hyper for me and leaves not time for my own reflection or time to breathe herself, it seems :) But she does have interesting guests and a wonderful personality that really shines through in this Podcast.

In this post, I’ll share some of my favourite quotes and insights from episode 001 to 006 with you (so as each guest gets two episodes, these are basically 3 interviews), and then you can head over to the Podcast to listen to the episodes themselves if you want! Next time, I’ll continue with the future episodes.





Courage and Clarity Podcast Notes Episode 001-006: Starting your own Business, Contracts and Facebook Ads || The Travel Tester



Episode 001 & 002 – Amanda Boleyn – Transition to Your Own Business Full-Time


  • Only in hindsight you can look back and appreciate the dark times.
  • All of us, we flinch when we get feedback, because we think we’re not good enough. But flip that and see feedback as an opportunity to grow.


  • When you get out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens.
  • There’s windows of opportunity for everything and if you don’t seize that window, it will pass you.
  • Learn as much as you can, collect data and make a tentative plan to move on, because if you don’t make a plan, nothing will happen.
  • A bridge job is taking advantage of an opportunity that gets you from point A to point B.
1. THE LEAD-UP (Everything that happens before you quit your job)
  • Collect data and test things (write a list of things you want to do, interview people in that industry, make a budget, go online, Facebook groups, search Instagram hashtags, blogger meet-ups  go out into your community and attend events, surround yourself by the right people, learn about yourself what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing and believe it’s possible to achieve what it is you want + commit to the plan!)
  • When we emerge ourselves in the environment we want to be in, we ultimately grow into it. Behaviour creates outcome.
  • If we’re not so focused and attached to the results or the outcome, we allow ourselves to be much more present in the moment for what we’re doing.
  • Stay in a position where you have a full-time job before you go out on your own.

2. THE LEAP (When you go in and quit your present, unsatisfying job)

  • When you have more bad days then good, then you need to leap.
  • Take advantage of the momentum you have with full confidence.
  • Each person’s time frame is unique.

3. THE LAND (Building your business and continuing to nurture it and foster it)

  • When you work alone, reach out to other people and organise work dates.
  • Understand what makes you most productive.
    • How do you schedule your days to be most productive?
    • How do you keep yourself accountable?
    • What resources are going to best suit you to keep growing your business?
  • What are you doing to continue growing the momentum?


Listen to Episode 1

Listen to Episode 2


Episode 003 & 004 – Christina Scalera – Starting Your Business & Making it Legal

  • What is the pain you’re solving for someone? Do you have resonance?
  • Sit back and listen to the kind of questions people are asking (Facebook groups, webinars, emails, market research, etc.)
  • Use the search option in Facebook groups and type in the phrases around your business. See what people are talking about and what language they are using.
  • Validate if people are interested in your products before you spend time fully developing them.
  • The fastest way to make money is to offer a service (no overhead, no sales page, no product to create)
  • Contracts are relevant to ANY type of business.
  • Set up your contracts before you do anything else!
  • A contract is there to make sure that both you and your client know exactly what’s happening in that relationship and those expectations are met.
    • How often are you going to meet?
    • How long is each session going to be?
    • What can they expect?
  • Don’t use language in your contract that you don’t even understand yourself.
  • You can easily create digital contracts with drag-and-drop features (Hellosign, Honeybook, Docusign, etc.)
  • If you could make the on-boarding process easier for your clients, why wouldn’t you?
  • Get a separate bankaccount for your business!


Listen to Episode 3

Listen to Episode 4


Episode 005 & 006 – Claire Pelletreau – Setting Up Successful Facebook Ads

  • Get a masters education with someone else’s money: become an apprentice and learn, experiment!
  • Find out what people need help with (also on the long term).
  • I didn’t get any work done, because I didn’t know what to do!
  • Give things more time to work than maybe you want to.
  • Install a Facebook Pixel NOW (even if you don’t want to advertise just yet)
  • Make sure that wherever you’re sending people to, it looks good on mobile.
  • With 40$ budget/month, she would: divide the budget in 10$ a week > use 2$ each week and promote 1 blog post to people who have visited your site before or people who are on your list (one audience) > take the same blog post and promote to cold audience for 6$ > repeat this for 4 weeks with different blog posts each week > The  use 8$ for a 2-3-day list building campaign (re-target people who have been to your site in the last month) and send them to a specific opt-in > after the 4 weeks have a look at which post performed best and turn this topic into a new lead magnet. Rinse and repeat and keep doing if something when it performs well for you!
1. Getting Sales
  • Only run these ads to warm/hot traffic. Create a Facebook audience of people that have already signed up to your list, people that recently visited your website (re-targeting) and your fans. Use messages such as: “Check out this new product” / “The cart is open for our new program” / “Black Friday Sale”

2. List-Building Ads

  • Getting people to sign up with their email, so they get access to your eBook or webinar, etc.
  • This type of advert is hard as many people do this already, so the freebie has got to be something people REALLY want
  • People might not want to leave Facebook to sign up for your freebie either.

3. Free Content

  • This is ‘ungated’ content, where people don’t need to leave their email to get access to something you created.
  • You can send people to videos or blog posts (videos can be watched right on Facebook)
  • After this, you can re-target and get them to sign up, etc.


Listen to Episode 5

Listen to Episode 6



These were my favourite quotes from The Courage and Clarity Podcast Episode 001-006, but of course there was a TON of things that got covered in the episodes, so I can recommend giving them a listen.

What were your favourite take-aways? I’ll be sharing my favourite quotes from Episode 007-012 with you soon! 




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