10 Bucket List Ideas To Complete In… Sydney, Australia


Sydney is โ€“ in my very biased opinion – one of the best cities in the world. But man, why is it so expensive? A lot of friends that came over to visit us got a near heart attack by going into a simple supermarket. So we went out of our ways to find cheap activities that we could take them on, so that we didn’t feel so guilty for inviting them in the first place.

Free Travel Bucket List

And what is better than a bucket list with cool activities that cost absolutely nothing? I don’t know – you tell me! Here are my 10 free ideas for your bucket list in Sydney, Australia:

Bucket List Ideas 'FREE' - Sydney, Australia

1.    Watch a cruise ship leave the harbour

It keeps an impressive sight: the massive cruise ships that dock in the Sydney Harbour (Circular Quay). When they leave, you can hear the horn at almost the other end of the city. Love it.

2.   Feed the birds

There are so many tropical birds in the Sydney area, but especially in the Royal Botanical Gardens they all seem to gather for their bird meetings. Take a hand full of peanuts (in their shells) and you’ll make white feathered-cockatoo-friends in no time!

3.    Work out on Bondi Beach

Along most of the beaches in Sydney you can find workout stations with benches and monkey bars. Show off your muscles… or enjoy watching them :)

4.   Meet an Aboriginal

The best way to get in contact with Aboriginal culture (with a bit of a modern influence) in the city centre, is to go to the Sydney Harbour. You’ll find a very talented Aboriginal fella playing his didgeridoo to electronic beats, very funky!

5.    Walk through a botanical garden

Sydney has one of the most beautiful botanical garden’s I’ve ever seen and it’s definitely something you want to put on your bucket list. And the views from the park are also priceless. You can take free guided walks here as well.

6.   See the city lights at night

There almost isn’t anything more romantic than cities lighting up during the night time, don’t you think? Find a good viewing platform and soak up the magic!

7.    Walk along the coast โ€“ as long as you can

There is a great coastal walk that runs from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach, but of course you don’t have to stop there. Go to the north side of the city to explore even more beaches, or to the south to walk along the coast of the Royal National Park.

8.   Scream from the top of your lungs

This is a great add-on to your coastal walk: look around if no one is watching and scream as loud as you can. Feels great! And if someone did end up hearing you, just remember that you will probably never see them again :)

9.   Watch harbour side fireworks

Every spring and summer there is a free firework show in the Darling Harbour. Australians are pretty serious when it comes to fireworks, so be prepared for amazing choreographies and musical compositions to go along with it.

10.  Try vegemite

Maybe not a free activity if you have to go and buy it (and maybe not a bucket list idea because you probably don’t like it if you’re not Ozzie), but ask any Australian what it tastes like and (s)he will run home for you to get a jar. Same goes for beetroot, by the way. 

Which one of these 10 activities would you like to try out first and why?

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