Your Australia Questions Answered – How To Start?



Australia Travel Questions - Where Do I Start?


Preparing for a trip to Australia

Let’s get right into it with a question on how to get started when visiting Australia. It’s all about that first step!


“I love to visit Australia, but it’s something I’ve never done before. I’ve never been outside of Europe and used to having organized holidays. I love to see more of the world and think it’s good for  personal development, but I really don’t know where to start.” – Frederike


Hi Frederike, I think that by sending me this question you’ve already made the first step! All it really takes to find the courage to travel is to have a desire to explore the world, even when you don’t know yet how and when you will do it. As a kid I used to dream for hours about visiting Australia. I read every guidebook, collected koala images (oh yes) and wrote school projects about them, I even made a website for myself with sights and activities to do in Australia. In high school, a friend of mine took the step to actually visit the country and I read all the stories he e-mailed us. I really wanted to go there as well, but the opportunity for me came only after graduating from university in July. I had a prospect on a full-time teaching job (filling in maternity leave) in January, on the school I was doing my teacher training. That left me with a couple months to fill… Something sparked inside of me immediately. I just felt it: this was the moment! I decided to leave in September and return in December. 3 Months in Australia, with some days before and after as a stopover in Tokyo. A trip I’ve dreamt of for so long, all organized in about a month before departure! I’d never travelled alone and never outside of Europe either (only as a really small kid), and I am not usually the type of person to talk to strangers and go out to organized things. But I wanted to go so badly, so I just took a deep breath and did it! The whole trip turned out to be literally life-changing. I made more big trips in the years after and even moved to Sydney for 2 years with my boyfriend (met while travelling!). Just to imagine that I would have missed out on all this if I had not followed my dreams… Hopefully you will find the right moment in your life to make the trip you’ve always dreamt of. It is not impossible, you can do it (yes, also alone) and it will teach you so much about the world and about yourself. You will know when it’s the right time if you keep listening to yourself and grab the opportunity when it presents itself. Go for it, you won’t regret it! – Nienke

Australia Travel Questions Answered

Leaving for my first solo trip ever: I don’t know who was more nervous: me or my parents! But after arriving in Sydney, everyone relaxed and enjoyed the amazing ride!


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