I’m Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills – and You Could Too!

I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester
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The Travel Tester is about to put the Space Lifestyle to the test in Finland and Iceland - will you join?

Hi, I’m Nienke. I’m 34, sit all day (every day) behind a computer screen and commute an average of 10 meters… to the fridge and back. You can usually find me under a blanket, as I’m cold even when it’s 30 degrees C (86 F) outside. I’m asthmatic, at least 10 kg overweight, have back problems and I go to the gym only when I can’t find an excuse not to.

So when the invitation landed in my inbox to travel to the North of Finland and Central Iceland for some serious near-arctic adventures and real astronaut experiences… of course I said YES.

After all, the whole motto of this website is to try new things and to participate in everything that lead to self-development, so I really had no excuse not to, right? RIGHT?

If you want to know what I’ll be doing in these countries and find out how you can also challenge yourself (and oh yeah *cough* win a trip to Iceland), then keep reading…

What is the Space Lifestyle?

I’ve been talking about adopting the ‘Space Lifestyle‘ a few times on the blog now, and for me this really means not finding out how to become an astronaut, but more developing the mindset how we as individuals have the power to take the first steps towards leading a healthier and more curious life by taking action in your own self-development and taking care of our the world & people around us.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that tomorrow’s space travelers are not just the trained NASA astronauts or the wealthy space tourists able to afford commercial space flight, but regular people like you and me. Astronaut skills such as motivation, physical fitness, language skills and even cultural understanding are really skills everyone on Earth can use on a day-to-day basis, even if you’re not planning on participating in space tourism by travelling to the moon or beyond anytime soon!

For Space Nation Orbit and The Travel Tester, I’ve started to research and write more articles on topics such as self-development, global citizenship, wellness, entrepreneurship, sustainability and much, much more.

My next two upcoming trips, that happen to be back-to-back, are 100% aligned with these topics and I’m so excited to share them with you!

I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester

#PINGHELSINKI Festival & Content Camp in North-Finland

PING Helsinki‘ is a groundbreaking “human to human” digital marketing company in Finland. Their ‘PING Festival‘, which I’ll be attending in May, is an influencer marketing event where 800+ marketing professionals and influencers worldwide come together to network and learn from each other’s creativity. They have world-class keynotes and many parallel sessions to provide hands-on knowledge that boosts your business to the next level.

But best of all, after the festival I will fly to the North of Finland, to participate in a so-called ‘Content Camp‘ in Ruka-Kuusamo, one of the most popular winter regions in Finland. Being sustainable is one of their key issues, so I am invited for a workshop to discuss sustainable growth in arctic wilderness tourism.

We will also visit the incredible Oulanka National Park and get active on some outdoor activities, so it’s definitely going to be a hands-on trip!

I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester

UPDATE MAY 2020The Space Nation app has been temporarily cancelled as it needed some improvements and a stronger business model. They will launch a new app  in the future and currently focus on astronaut training missions in Iceland. 

Space Nation Astronaut Adventure in Iceland

How well do you know the space travel history? For example, did you know that 9 out of the 12 astronauts who set foot on the moon – including Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong – actually trained in Iceland?

Oh yeah, this country was awesome even before the backpacker and the travel blogger was invented, haha! And if you read the quote by Dr. Elbert, the Apollo Astronaut Program Geologist, it makes perfect sense:

If you want to go to a place on Earth that looks like the Moon, central Iceland should be high on your list, as it beautifully displays volcanic geology with virtually no vegetation cover.

If you’ve followed my updates on the blog and/or Facebook, you may know that I’ve recently started working as a Brand Ambassador for a space media and space experiences company called ‘Space Nation‘.

They have the mission to make space available to everyone and have just launched ‘Space Nation Navigator’, an app that will let you practice all the skills and give you answers to questions on how to be an astronaut in fun mini space travel games and daily/weekly challenges.

As part of the app launch, I’ll be travelling to Iceland to attend a bootcamp-style astronaut space adventure with a few other lucky people that will be announced soon. We’ll be getting a real taste of the astronaut training experience and find out how to go to space by completing different missions.

You can follow via social media and the Navigator app. More detailed information about the trip will follow, but the app has just launched and you can dive right into that, so I’ll share something about that below.

I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester

Space Nation Navigator: Astronaut Training Program for ‘Real’ People

Get ready for the REAL future of space travel. In collaboration with NASA, Space Nation was able to bring the universe of knowledge contained in real life astronaut training straight to your smartphone in an app called ‘Space Nation Navigator‘. With this app, you can play daily updating missions and mini-games that put you at the center of your own astronaut adventure. They teach you in a fun and inspiring way what it takes to be an astronaut.

Body, Mind and Social are the three core areas you’ll need to thrive in as an astronaut trainee, so these topics form the basis of every game, quiz, mission and challenge in Space Nation Navigator.

Many of the games are based on real astronaut requirements, so they can be quite difficult to complete. Don’t give up, they are possible if you are really interested in becoming an astronaut (2.0)!

Here you can see some screenshots that I took of the Navigator app:

I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester
Left is the main screen (with articles from Space Nation Orbit) and Right you can see the different Mission Badges that you can collect.
I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester
Left you can see the different Missions (that change daily/weekly) and Right is one of the games, where you have to prepare lunch in space (this is actually hard!)
I'm Going on Two Near-Arctic Adventures to Train my Astronaut Skills - and You Could Too! || The Travel Tester
Left is a Language Skills Test (to make the text fit, make sure to set your phone’s text to normal size, not enlarged!) and Right an actual Physical Test that you have to go outside for – some real astro fitness!!

What do you think space travel in the future will look like? Are you interested in going into space yourself, or more in developing your own skills or winning an Iceland adventure? Make sure to download the Space Nation Navigator App today to participate and let me know how you did! Personally, I am still not sure if I want to be an astronaut myself, but I am definitely interested in the future of space exploration to help make the world a better place!

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