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The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!


Nice to meet you! I’m Nienke Krook (neen-kuh kro-wk – but don’t worry if you still can’t pronounce it) and sometimes you’ll also see my boyfriend Nick Vullings join me in my adventures here on the blog. We’re both from The Netherlands, but we met by chance in a hostel in Sydney in 2008.

Since then, we lived in Sydney, Australia between 2011 and 2013, London, England between 2013 and 2019 and are currently based in my hometown of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. In the meantime, we’ve travelled to over 40 countries on 5 continents… and the list keeps on growing.

When we met each other at the other side of the world, little did we know the adventures we would be going on in the years to follow.

We toured New Zealand on a party bus, discovered most of Australia on long road trips, hiked a mountain in Nepal, ate heaps of undefinable food in Japan, drank all the wine in Portugal and couldn’t stop looking up at buildings in New York, just to name a few memorable moments.

Ever since we started travelling and living abroad, we kept our family and friends in The Netherlands up-to-date through the stories on our blog.

What started as diary-style blog (one that I started on my first ever solo trip to Japan in 2006!), slowly evolved in a website with more practical tips, reviews and destination guides.

I have actually been creating content online in one way or another since about 1995 (yes that long), and you can read all about my full blogging history in this blog post >

The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!


Nick is an architect and I work as a blogger and social media manager. For our jobs we both get to travel the world for a living, sometimes on individual work trips, but luckily also quite a lot together.

Because we always look for ways to keep learning and develop ourselves professionally, we don’t take the easy route and have moved around quite a bit.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing trying to live in another country and settling in, but we learned that we make a perfect team and are capable of building a new life from scratch no matter where we are.

If we can do it, we’re sure that you can too and we would love to help you plan your next adventure. Get in touch!

The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!


Whether you are looking for practical information about planning a vacation, would like to know where you can find the best food or authentic travel experiences, or just want inspiration on learning new skills (at home or on the road), The Travel Tester would love to answer all your questions.

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The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!


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That’s why we’ve decided to shake things up a bit and are sending you semi-regular digital postcards instead.

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The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!


Like many other professional travel bloggers, We rely on advertising here on The Travel Tester. As you can see, there are quite a few banners on the site (hosted by Mediavine), but we also create unique content in collaboration with brands and destinations.

How it works is that partners contact us (or we contact them if we have a cool idea of how we can work together) with a concept that fits the mission of our website.

We make sure to always disclose partnerships at the bottom of our articles, so there is full transparency to you. We only work together with a brand if we can share our personal experience, so that means we’re getting send products or are invited to visit a certain locations to see and try things for ourselves.

For example, one day we might be testing a backpack on a weekend break, another day we test a book, website or app and then we’re off to test a guided tour, hotel, airline or restaurant.

Because our partners are so different, it can be hard to choose who is the best fit, but in the last few years, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and currently we’re saying NO to about 90% of all offers that we get. This way, we only work with brands and destinations that we’re really excited about and that we would love to recommend you.

For those collaborations that do go ahead, we either get compensated with the product or experience itself, with a fee for creating a certain amount of content, or we get into an affiliate-partnership, where we get a small cut if you book or buy anything through a specific link in the article. Everything of course with no extra costs to you.

All of our brand partnerships keep the content that your read on our website 100% free and we’re sure you’d like us to keep it that way!

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The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!


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All the best from Nienke and Nick

The Travel Tester || Get The Most Out Of Your Trip ...And Yourself!