Behind the Blog: What Happens on a Press Trip?

Behind the Blog Episode 1: What Happens on a Press Trip? || The Travel Tester
In this new series, The Travel Tester takes you behind the scenes in the life of a travel blogger. First up, we'll see what happens on a press trip!

nlNederlands (Dutch)

Have you always wondered what it’s like to be a travel blogger, but don’t really trust those people telling you about ‘working from the beach’ and ‘getting paid to travel the world’? Well, neither do we.

Let The Travel Tester take you behind the scenes and show you what it’s really like to work and travel for a living. This video will show you what the work and life of a blogger truly is made of. We hope you enjoy watching!


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While the video is in Dutch, there are English subtitles for you! Let us know what you thought about the video!


Behind the Blog: What Happens on a Press Trip?

nlNederlands (Dutch)

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