Inspiring Travel Blogs 11-20 April

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  1. Nicole @ Suitcase Stories says:

    Awesome list! Im like you, I read about 200 a day too! I spend more time reading blogs than I do working on my own lol But I love it… I love reading their stories – The about us page is always my first stop on any blog! I love knowing them a little more before I start exploring their site

    • thetraveltester says:

      Thanks Nicole! It’s addictive, right? There are so many great stories out there. I always check about pages too and will click away if I can’t even find out the name of the person running the blog. Makes it so much more personal!

  2. Bethaney says:

    Thanks for including me in your list this week. I try and read as many blogs as I can for inspiration too. :)

  3. 1dad1kid says:

    Thanks for including my post!

  4. Dave says:

    Thanks so much for sharing my Tongariro post, Nienke! You’ve collected some great other posts in this round-up too .. I’ve spent the last 20 minutes reading a few of them. :)

  5. Kim Berghout says:

    leuk om al die verhalen te lezen! En love to momo’s!!

  6. thetraveltester says:

    I believe it was, looks great! I haven’t visited Mexico yet, but if I will, I’ll remember your tip for sure.

  7. thetraveltester says:

    No Worries! The food looked amazing, not sure about the blood sausage though, but I know my dad would LOVE that!

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