Just Launched: The London Tester – Help Planning your London visit & relocation

Just Launched: The London Tester - help planning your London visit & relocation
The Travel Tester has just launched a new platform for Dutch travellers looking for tips on planning their London visit and relocation. Welcome to "The London Tester"!

Nick and I have been living in London since 2013 and while we’ve been sharing some tips on our new city with you through The Travel Tester, we felt there was still a bit missing.

Being from The Netherlands ourselves, we have realized just how hard it is to find quality Dutch language content on travelling to London and the rest of the United Kingdom. And that’s why we hope to bridge that gap.

The London Tester

We are proud to announce our brand new niche website “The London Tester”, the (hopefully soon) #1 resource for all things London.




While the content we write on this site is all in Dutch, we aim to translate the most relevant articles for our international audience (that’s you!) and will be cross-posting this on The Travel Tester very soon. Otherwise, Google Translate will do the trick for you!


Just Launched: The London Tester - help planning your London visit & relocation


What you can Expect

We’re currently writing lots and lots of new articles (and shooting a ton of video) on general London Tips (transport, budget, etc.), Accommodation Reviews (hotels, hostels and apartments), Neighbourhood Guides,  Hotspot Reviews (restaurants, cafes, pubs and shops), things to see and do both In London (anything from museums, parks, tours, activities and much more) as Outside of London (day trips and weekend breaks).

And finally, we’ll be going more into the logistics of living in London as an expat, with our own monthly diary on things we did and noticed in our new British life :)


At the Tall Ships Festival in Greenwich


The London Tester on Pinterest

Last, but not least, we have set up all social channels for The London Tester (all in Dutch, sorry!) — but have decided to keep our Pinterest channel in English, so it’s useful for everyone around the world! If you have any great articles or photos on London and the rest of the United Kingdom, message us on Pinterest so we can pin it!

Just Launched: The London Tester - help planning your London visit & relocation



Thank you for your support!

We’re excited about this new venture and appreciate all likes, feedback, comments and shares on social media. If you have any questions on your next visit to London, make sure to let us know in the comments, or via the hashtag #ASKTheLondonTester on Twitter and Instagram.

We would be happy to help you out!

When will we see you in London?

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