The Power of Silent Spaces

The Power of Silent Spaces [Space Nation Orbit Blog]
Space Nation Orbit is a space lifestyle magazine that shows why space is important for our lives on earth. Today I look at how different life could be if green places for silent reflection were easily accessible to us all.

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Living in busy, noisy London, I am surrounded by sound almost the entire day, from morning to evening. Especially in our second flat here, we lived next to a busy road and had the constant noise of sirens of ambulances and police cars coming in. Our bedroom was always red or blue from their flashing lights, argh!

No wonder I have so much trouble sleeping here.  There’s plenty of research to demonstrate that spending time in silence is good for you, so when you don’t have it at home, travelling to a quiet nature spot is one of the best ways to escape it all and truly relax.

For Space Nation Orbit, I did some research into the ‘Silent Space Project’ and ‘Quiet Garden Movement’. Both are set up for the public to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in natural surroundings, such as parks and gardens. And you’d be surprised what the health benefits of this are…


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How Silent Spaces Can Help You Switch Off

nlNederlands (Dutch)

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  • We all need quiet time Nienke. I begin each day with 40 minutes of yoga and meditating for 20 minutes in silence. No brainer activity. Helps ego chatter quiet down so you tune into your intuition and act from an energy of love, not fear, throughout the day. Important reminder here.


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