Plane Meditation: Is it the New On-Board Entertainment? [Space Nation Orbit Blog]

Plane Meditation: Is it the New On-Board Entertainment? [Space Nation Orbit Blog]
Space Nation Orbit is a space lifestyle magazine that shows why space is important for our lives on earth. Today I have a close look at plane meditation.

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I have a love-hate relationship with flying. I need it for my work, to see my family back in The Netherlands, but at the same time, I always find getting to the airport, waiting in line, being cramped in the airplane such a hassle and it just stresses me out.

For Space Nation Orbit, I did some research on different ways to unwind on a plane with the help of meditation. Let’s give it a go! And if you have any other (meditation) tips, please let me know!



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Meditation: The New On-Board Entertainment?


nlNederlands (Dutch)

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  • Good deal Nienke! HUGE fan of meditating daily, and on planes. As of late I ramped up my yoga to 1 hour daily. Deep yin. Helps open the body and mind, both fab practices for being on planes, especially if you plan on an 8 or 10 or 14 hour flight. Meditation rocks though. Settles everything down so you relax, and feel the feelings arising during flights, versus resisting the energies and making things worse.


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