Omotenashi: The Secrets of Japanese Hospitality [Space Nation Orbit Blog]

Omotenashi: The Secrets of Japanese Hospitality [Space Nation Orbit Blog]
Space Nation Orbit is a space lifestyle magazine that shows why space is important for our lives on earth. Today I discover why Japanese hospitality is so different.

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You’ve probably heard about Japan’s superior customer service, even if you haven’t visited the country yet – and it’s true. No matter where you travel within Japan, the people are polite, your surroundings are clean, and, as a customer, you often feel like the most important person in the building.

On the Space Nation Orbit blog, I have a closer look at the Japanese hospitality and find out what the term ‘Omotenashi’ is really about:



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Why Japanese Hospitality Is Different: The Secrets of Omotenashi


nlNederlands (Dutch)

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  • My wife spoke of this legendary kindness when she taught English in Hiroshima for over a year Nienke but I saw it first hand during a quick Osaka layover. Never left the airport and it spanned like 90 minutes, but all Japanese folks were so nice, pleasant, cordial and helpful, politely directing us, smiling, deferential. I felt like a king LOL! All for a quick layover, hustling to a plane that would bring us to Taipei.


  • This is why Japanese people are my favorite persons in the whole world. Their country is so well taught by their ancestors. Values being passed from one generation to another. If only we all have the discipline Japanese people have…

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