Things to Put on a Bucket List to Improve Your Life [Space Nation Orbit Blog]

Things to Put on a Bucket List to Improve Your Life [Space Nation Article]
January First! What are your New Year's resolutions? Perhaps to start a Bucket List and see what you can accomplish this year? Let's have a go!

I am a big believer in bucket lists and have created several of them on this blog for you to get inspired by (one about Japan, Great-Britain and Winter Activities). I really believe that writing down and saying out loud what you want to achieve in life contributes to the success of actually having these dreams come true.

For Space Nation Orbit, I dove a bit further into the reasons why a bucket list can help you get ahead in life and share 3 simple steps to get started fulfilling your own dreams right now. I do agree that life is not a competition and you shouldn’t create one of these lists simply to try and tick everything off as quickly as possible, but by focusing on what is important in your life you have a much better chance at doing the things you love.


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How Creating a Bucket List Can Help You Achieve More in Life

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