Omotenashi: The Secrets of Japanese Hospitality [Space Nation Orbit Blog]

Omotenashi: The Secrets of Japanese Hospitality [Space Nation Orbit Blog]
Space Nation Orbit is a space lifestyle magazine that shows why space is important for our lives on earth. Today I discover why Japanese hospitality is so different.

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You’ve probably heard about Japan’s superior customer service, even if you haven’t visited the country yet – and it’s true. No matter where you travel within Japan, the people are polite, your surroundings are clean, and, as a customer, you often feel like the most important person in the building.

On the Space Nation Orbit blog, I have a closer look at the Japanese hospitality and find out what the term ‘Omotenashi’ is really about:



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Why Japanese Hospitality Is Different: The Secrets of Omotenashi


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