The Power of Backyard Travel [Space Nation Orbit Blog]

The Power of Backyard Travel [Space Nation Article]
Space Nation Orbit is a space lifestyle magazine that shows why space is important for our lives on earth. Today I dive into the topic of backyard travel!

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Over the last years, the world we live in has changed a lot. I personally feel there is a lot more fear (even when we say we don’t give into it) and a lot more communities that question other people they share their space with. But luckily, there are also a lot of people that want to resist this fear-mongering and continue to accept and appreciate the way other people live, love, and believe.

In this article for Space Nation, I discovered that no matter where you live in the world, there is something special to be found in your own country, your own city, your own neighbourhood. Just just have to open your senses and develop the determination to find unique experiences around you.


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How Traveling Where You Live Can Broaden Your World


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