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March Keyword Wrap-Up

Every now and then, I go into my Google Analytics to see what keywords people have used to land on my website. Most of the time, they make total sense.
Sometimes they don’t.
Here are my favourites of March 2014:

History of melon testers

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

Yeah. That must have been a hard job.



What are you supposed to wear in Amsterdam?

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

But only in Summer.

Best way to travel australia

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up


Example of outside activities

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

It’s called ‘extreme walking’.

Beach rats australia

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

Eh. They’re called Quokka’s, actually.

What is house-sharing?

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

Well… let me tell just you that in real life, it isn’t ANYTHING like this. 

How often do nz newsreaders wash their hair?

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

Yes, tell me. Because THAT is information we all need to hear more about.

What is woofing?

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

This is woofing. This is WWoofing.




Greeting to neighbours moving london

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

We’ve got 10 neighbours in our appartment building. Still haven’t met them all, but will definitely try this handshake out if we do!

Importance of travel blogs

March Travel Blog Wrap-Up

Thanks, Brick. 



And on that bombshell… What were the most pointless things you’ve read this month? See you again in April!

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Sofie says:

    I always wonder: where do people get these funny videos??? :D
    Doesn’t it take hours to find the one that goes with what you’re saying?:D
    Sofie recently posted…Things to do in Amsterdam: a day tripMy Profile

  2. Lol hilarious. I love some of the random things that people google.
    Digital Nomad Wannabe recently posted…March stats and updateMy Profile

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