London Diary #002 – Surviving house-sharing as an expat

London Diary
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Tomorrow, I will be moving to London. There is no stopping it.

I am excited.


House-Sharing as an Expat


I am, Honestly!

The only thing is, we will be house-sharing when we’re there. And I don’t usually do to well living too close to other humans.

I am a serious introvert. I like my own space. I need my time alone. I have a wide variety of weird habits that I don’t want anyone to say anything about. This whole house-sharing thing is freaking me out a little.

I know it can be a lot of fun, too. Nick is already living in London with our housemates at the moment and he says they’re great. They are tidy, they love to cook, they invite him to do things together, they are nice to each other and they actually sit with him at the table (we used to have housemates that didn’t quite master any of those skills, don’t even ask).

Seems like (yet) another recap of the Friends series, doesn’t it?


House-Sharing as an Expat


But I don’t know.

In the back of my mind I keep thinking they could still be strange and scary and all that. But that’s just me probably.


House-Sharing as an Expat


Although the impossible one in the house will probably be just me.

If you don’t know me, this pretty much sums me up:


Before Breakfast

House-Sharing as an Expat

Before Lunch

House-Sharing as an Expat

Before Dinner

House-Sharing as an Expat


Yeah. A social wonder I am.

Time will tell how we’ll get along. For now, all that I’m looking forward to is to be around Nick again!


House-Sharing as an Expat


I’ll keep you updated on our house-sharing adventure. If you have any tips for me to get through this emotional period in my life, please feel free to share them below. 

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