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How to Start a Blog 1/5 (getting started and staying motivated)

More and more brands and tourism boards see the value of working with travel bloggers these days. That’s great, because while the travel blogging industry is relatively new, there are already a good amount of influential blogs around that provide quality content to a wide readership. 
With the popularity of travel bloggers growing, I notice that I get a lot more questions from readers asking me how to start a blog. Questions about setting up a website, working with tourism boards, making money and finding their own place in the travel blogger community. 

I sometimes find it hard to find the right words to encourage those people to start blogging and make them aware of the fact that making a living out blogging isn’t easy and takes a lot of investment and perseverance. 

How to Start a Blog: getting started and staying motivated

The Long Road to Travel Blogging Success

I have been blogging myself since 2006, but it wasn’t since 2011 before I even thought about turning my hobby in a business. The moment I realised where my true passion was though, I started reading everything I could find about this topic -and there was a whole lot to read! 

From the start, I’ve been working on an ultimate resource list that could help new bloggers get started, or get more advanced bloggers to a next level. 

Before sharing links to some of the more ‘practical’ tools (about web development, seo, tips for better writing, photography and such), I think it’s best to start with giving credit to the people that know best about the world of travel blogging. 
Those are the people that have been working hard (some of them for many years now) to pave the roads of the blogging industry for every blogger that followed in their footsteps. 

How to Start a Blog? Learn from the Best!

Here is first selection of the best articles I’ve collected over the years that will give you a good insight in the world of blogging. 
Not just reading about the fun of getting invited on free trips around the world and of meeting interesting people, but also personal experiences with the hard choices and sacrifices you will have to make in order to turn your hobby into a thriving business. 
I hope you find these links as useful as I did and it will give you all the tools and answers about how to start a blog.



What is Travel Blogging? (vs. Journalism)


What is Travel Blogging? (vs. Journalism)

A short history of travel writing // by Nienke Krook
Bloggers Vs Journalists: how we can learn from each other // by Monica Stott
Can Studying Journalism Help Travel Bloggers? // by Monica Stott

Does AuthorRank Solve The Journalist vs Blogger Debate? // by Paul Dow
How big is the travel blogging niche? // by Caitlin Fitzsimmons

How to become a successful Blogger or Freelance Writer without a degree in journalism // by Jo Castro
In Defence of Blogging // by Jeannie Mark

Is Travel Blogging Real Journalism? // by Matt Kepnes

Jeff Greenwald – The World’s First Travel Blogger // by Gary Arndt

Old School Journalism // by Devin Galaudet

The Gogarty case – How should old media respond to new media? // by Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Travel Blogging vs Travel Writing // by Gary Arndt
Travel companies, bloggers and web content: How it works // by David Whitley

The future of the internet and the importance of travel bloggers // by Melvin Boecher

The state of the travel blogging industry // by Matt and Deborah Preston

Travel Bloggers are so hot! // by Alastair McKenzie

Travel writing as art in the digital world: The New Informal Destination Guide // by David Miller
What I love in a Travel Blog // by Heather Cowper

What makes you a writer? // by Christine

Will Travel Blogs Take Over Guide Books? // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil

Why Travel Blogging Isn’t Like Regular Blogging // by Gary Arndt


Why Start a Travel Blog?


Why Start a Travel Blog?

15 Signs you are born for travel writing // by Nienke Krook

5 Reasons Why I Blog // by Mike Richar on vagabondish

Diary or Blog? How to Decide Whether to Make Your Travels Private or Public // by Isabel Eva Bohrer

Do You Travel to Blog or Blog to Travel? // by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott
How to Tell If You Are a Natural Born Blogger // by Bastiaan Blikman
Should You Start a Travel Blog? The Dirty Truth // by Stephanie Yoder
Should You Start a Travel Blog for Your Round the World Trip? // by Adam Seper
Some notes on travel blogging and why I blog // by Adam Groffman
The benefits of being a travel blogger // by Jane Meighan

The Magic of Technology, and Why I Love Blogging // by Peter Parkorr

Travel Writing Helps Traveler Understand World // by Wade Shepard
Why I Blog (On A Napkin) // by Mike Sowden
Why I’ve decided to Become a Blogger // by Heather Cowper
Why I Started Blogging… // by Jessica Glynn
Why you should write a travel blog // by Monica Stott


How to Start a Blog (Beginner Tips)


How to Start a Blog (Beginner Tips)

5 Big Blogging Mistakes and How to Fix Them // by Devin Galaudet
7 expert blog tips from Darren Rowse // by Jo Castro
9 Simple Tips about Travel Blogging // by Caz Makepeace

9 simple ways to make your travel blog better // by Pam Mandel

10 tips for newbie travel bloggers // by Monica Stott
69 Travel Blogging Tips From the Top Travel Bloggers // by Sophie
Ask Matt: Getting Started as a Travel Writer // by Matt Gibson
Basic, Beginner Travel Blogging Tips and Advice // Michael Hodson

Best Website To Start A Travel Blog // by Alex Berger

Eleven Point Plan for Successful Blogging // by Jo Castro
Etiquette For Bloggers 101 // by Pamela MacNaughtan

Finding Your Blogging Backbone // by Caroline Eaton

How I created my dream job in less than a year (just by doing what I love)

How To Become A Professional Blogger // by Sebastian Canaves
How To Create A Successful Travel Blog In Your First Year Of Blogging // by Samuel Jeffery
How to Create your own Travel Blog // by Brooke Saward
How to start a blog // by Chris Guillebeau

How To Start a Travel Blog? Top 10 To Do List // by Eva Hamori 

How You Become a Nomadic Writer // by Matt Kepnes
How We Got Started as Digital Nomads // by Erin McNeaney
Keeping a Travel Blog Your Friends Will Love to Read // by Amanda Kendle

My 16 Tips for Beginning Bloggers // by Geraldine DeRuiter
My 9 Biggest Tips for Blogging Success // by Stephanie Yoder
Our Experience of Starting a Travel Blog // by Cole Burmester 
So, you wanna be a travel blogger // by Carol Cain
So You Wanna Be a Travel Writer? // by  Kristin Luna
So You Want to Be a Travel Blogger // by Caz Makepeace
So, You Want to Start A Travel Blog? 10 Things I Wish I’d Known // by Jo Fitzsimons
The Best Advice I Could Give To Bloggers // by Jane Gorman
The business of blogging // Andy Jarosz

The story of how I became a full-time travel blogger // by Jane Meighan

Tips for New Bloggers // by Jenna Francisco
To All New Travel Bloggers // by Caz Makepeace
Top Tips for Travel Bloggers from an Old Pro // by Amy Baker

Travel Blogging 101: What Makes A Great Travel Blog? // by the Vagabondish Team

Wandering Earl’s Guide To Travel Blogging…Sort Of // by Derek Earl Baron

Why I’m probably the worst travel blogger ever (+10 tips for getting better)
Writing an Awesome Travel Blog // by Whitney Cox


The True Life of a Travel Blogger


The True Life of a Travel Blogger

5 Reasons Travel Blogging Sucks // by Chris Stephens

Almost Quit Blogging // by Wade Shepard

Am I living the dream? The truth about travel writing // by Candice Walsh


A Confused Travel Blogger // by Seattle Dredge
And Then It Went to Hell in Bulgaria // by Kate McCulley
An Open Letter To Travel Bloggers // by Luke Maguire Armstrong
Are You a Victim of Travel Writer’s Catch-22? // by Turner Wright

Attention Blogging // by Paul Dow

A week in the life of a travel writer // by David Whitley
Behind the Scenes of Travel Blogging // by Alicia Taggio


Being a Travel Blogger is NOT Easy // by Pamela MacNaughtan
Blogging as a Lifestyle Choice // by Katja Presnal

Blogging – I love it and I hate it // by Sherry Ott

Blogging While Traveling: Is it WORTH it? // by Ryan Gargiulo
Confessions of a *New* Travel Blogger // by Dalene Heck
Confessions Of A Travel Blogger, Part Two // by Dalene Heck
Confessions of a Travel Blogger, Part Three // by Dalene Heck

Dream Come True: Traveling & Writing as a Lifestyle // by Frankie Thompson 
Emotional Rant From A Newbie Travel Blogger // by Caroline Eaton
Help! I’m Location Independent // by Theodora Sutcliffe
How do I Balance this Life? // by Gareth Leonard
How do you find the balance between family, work + travel? // by Caz Makepeace

I’m Not a Blogger // by Alyson Long

Is it Selfish to Blog About Travel When Things are Shitty in The World? // by Geraldine DeRuiter
Life as a Digital Nomad: My Advice and Truths // by Frankie Thompson
Life in London #011 #012 – The one with the life of a travel blogger // by Nienke Krook

Old School Travel Blogging // by Wade Shepard

Once a Travel Blogger always a Travel Blogger? // by Monica Stott
One Year Later, Am I Living The Dream? // by Mike Sowden

Renewed Vigor for Travel Blogging // by Wade Shepard

Secrets to Running a Travel Blog When You Aren’t Traveling // by Amanda Williams
So You Want to Be a Pro Blogger in The Travel Business // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil

The Business of running a Popular Travel Blog // by Gary Arndt
The Business of Travel Blogging. Week 1 – Change // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil 
The Highs and Lows of Blogging // by Monica Stott
The Reality of Being a Professional Travel Blogger // by Kate McCulley
The Sacrifices and Rewards of Travel Blogging // by Caz Makepeace
The trouble with blogging // by Torre DeRoche
(The truth about) how to earn a full-time income from travel blogging // by Jane Meighan
The Truth Behind Travel Writing // by Kristin Luna
Thoughts On Travel Blogging, Suicide and Living The Dream // by Bret Love and Mary Gabbett
Travel Blogging as a Couple // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil 
Travel writing not all fun and sun // by Susan McKee on tbex
Why Do 95% Of Bloggers Give Up? // by Mike Sowden

Why I might stop travel blogging // by Jason Castellani
My Notebook And I Are Overwhelmed, Or Something Like That // by Beverley Reinemann
My Response to: Why I might stop travel blogging // by Jason Castellani

The Traveling Office: How To Travel Blog & Travel // by Brooke Saward

What blogging steals from travel // by Joshy Washington
What I Learned on My Vacation (or Thoughts on Being a Travel Writer) // by Matt Kepnes

Why I’m Not Lucky To Travel The World As A Career // by Brooke Saward

Why Blogging is Hard: Part 1 – Hello? // by Ed Rex
Why Traveling Made a Travel Blogger Stop Blogging About Travel // by Jessica Bowers
Why Working In Travel Makes Me Want to Bash My Head Against a Wall Sometimes // by Matt Kepnes
Work Is Work, Wherever You Are… // by Theodora Sutcliffe
You are not a travel blogger // by Rick Calvert



Lessons Learned as a Travel Blogger 


Lessons Learned as a Travel Blogger


1st Year of Live Less Ordinary // by Allan Wilson

1 Year Of Travel Blogging – 5 Things We’ve Learnt // by Sofia 
2 Years of Travel Blogging – 5 Things We’ve Learnt // by aswetravel
3 Years of Travel Blogging – It’s About Learning & Growing // by Sofia 
5 Lessons I Have Learned From Blogging // Megan Eileen McDonough
10 Blogging Tips We Learned From Our Second Year // by Bret Love and Mary Gabbett
70 Things I’ve Learned From Writing 1000 Blog Posts // by Geraldine DeRuiter
A Wild Ride: My First Blogging Year // by Dave Dean
How Blogging Saved Me // by Liz Carlson

How Travel Changed My Life // by Nellie Huang

My 100th Article: Lessons from a Travel Blogger // by Anne Sutherland-Smith

Nine Lessons from a Year of Travel Blogging // by Theodora Sutcliffe

On Mafia Wars Addiction, or: How Blogging Saved Me // by Lillie Marshall 
Reflections on a year of blogging // by Heather Cowper
State of the Blog: The Future of Everything Everywhere // by Gary Arndt

The 10 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned from 6 Years, 7 Months and 11 Days of Travel Blogging // by Mike Richard

Three Years Blogging // by Matt Kepnes
This is how travel blogging saved my life and how it can change yours // by Ryan van Duzer
What I’ve Learned From 6 Years Of Travel Blogging // by Gary Arndt
What I’ve Learned From Three Years of Travel Blogging // by Stephanie Yoder
When Blogging Changes Your Life // by Michael Tieso





The Travel Blogging Community


The Travel Blogging Community


5 reasons to keep your travel blog with a travel community // by Ian MacKenzie

Creating an Online Travel Community: What Do You Want? // by Elizabeth
Is Anybody Out There? Hang in There, Travel Bloggers // by Amanda Williams
The Travel Community and What it Means to Me // by Caz Makepeace
The Travel Industry and Travel Bloggers: How does it all fit together? // by Caz Makepeace
Thoughts on the travel blogging ‘community’ // by Caitlin Fitzsimmons
What’s With All the Hatin’ in Travel Blogging? // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil 

Why Meeting Fellow Travel Bloggers is Important // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil

Why the Travel Blogging Community is Awesome // by Amanda Williams
Why We Need More Travel Bloggers (but not the annoying kind) // by Ramsay


Finding Motivation and Inspiration to Blog


Finding Motivation and Inspiration to Blog


A useful exercise for travel writers looking for story ideas // by David Whitley

Confessions From A Travel Writer’s Block // Bret Love

Dealing with Burnout when Building a Business // by Christy Woodrow

Don’t Quit // by Torre DeRoche


Finding the Inspiration to Write // by Caroline Eaton

How to Deal with a Lack of Inspiration, Motivation and Writer’s Block // by Caz Makepeace

How to overcome a creative block // by Torre DeRoche
“I’m afraid to fail” and other excuses for being average // by Torre DeRoche
Tips to Keep your Blog Running when Not Travelling // by Dave Bouskill and Debra Corbeil 
Travel Blogger Burnout… and what to do with the blog // by Alastair McKenzie

When the magic fades – keep your travel blog alive between trips // by Heather Cowper

Writer’s Block, Blogger’s Rage and Other Reasons To Disconnect // by Carol Cain


Interviews with Travel Bloggers & Digital Nomads 


Interviews with Travel Bloggers & Digital Nomads


5 Questions with Rolf Potts: How Blogging + Social Media Are Changing the Way We Travel // by Mike Richard

A Travel Blogger Interview // by Neil Barnes

Big Blogger Interview // by Laura Dale

Bite With a Blogger // by Chris Walker-Bush
Blogging Advice From Experienced Travel Bloggers // by Dave and Vicky
Confessions Of A Travel Addict // by Matthew Karsten
Fellow Travel Video Blogger // by Cailin O’Neil
How Blogger La Carmina Turned Her Blog Into a Thriving Business (and Her Best Advice For You) // by Bastiaan Blikman
How to Become a Travel Writer Interview // by Vagabond Journey 
Little Known Secrets of Successful Bloggers – 9 Influential Bloggers Tell You Everything You Need to Know // by Bastiaan Blikman
Meet the Nomads // by FlipNomad 
Nomadic Interviews // by Simon and Erin McNeaney
Travel Bloggers Podcast: TBEX CEO & Conference Director on the Future of Travel Blogging // by Gary Bembridge
Travel blogging tips from the experts // by Laurence Norah
Traveler of the Week // by Jenna Francisco

Travel Memory Friday // by Nienke Krook

Who’s That Travel Blogger // by Ed Rex

Work and Travel Interview Series // by DIWY Team

I personally own a lot of these travel bloggers a huge thank you for their inspiring and encouraging words, practical advice and dedication to the profession. If you feel the same, give them some love by sharing their articles, commenting on their blogs and following them on their Social Networks.

This blog resource list is just the beginning of a 5-part ultimate blogging resource series about how to start a blog here on The Travel Tester. In the upcoming posts, we’ll be talking about blogging conferences (part 2), improving your photo, video and writing skills (part 3), branding & promoting your work (part 4) and tips on how to make money blogging (part 5). Hope to see you back soon!

Let me know what your most favourite article so far is and please feel free to add any articles that I might have missed about these topics in the comment section below.

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