The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs April 2013

The Travel Tester discovers the best travel tips and stories from all around the internet. Here are our favourite reads from this month:

I want to… Get Active

Shark Cage Diving | Not my finest moment
Anthony from Positive World Travel takes a leap, literally, by jumping in a cage surrounded by sharks! I once did this in New Zealand, and the sharks Anthony shows in Africa seem just as scary…

A long day in the mountains: hiking the Tongariro Crossing
A great recap of his hike at the Tongariro Crossing in New Zealand by Dave from What’s Dave Doing. He writes it’s one of the best walks he’s ever done, anywhere in the world, so definitely a must-read!

Dozing Off Under the Northern Lights…What Could Be Better?
I think this experience has made itself to pretty much everyone’s bucket lists, right? Kristin from a Pair of Boots and a Backpack tells you all about seeing the Northern Lights

From lemur to Baoab Trees: Madagaskar Unveiled
Nellie from WildJunket writes on the G Adventures blog about her experiences in Madagascar. With her amazing photographs, she reminds me why this trip is so high on my wish-list!

A Wimp’s Guide To Taking A Cold Shower
This post by Adam on Happiness Plunge made me think of the cold bucket shower I had in the Himalayas in Nepal. He has some fun and practical tips for surviving a cold shower yourself.

Iceland Stop Motion Video
Made up up 1,676 photos taken over the course of one week around Iceland’s Ring Road, here is a great Iceland stop motion video of the epic adventure made by Seattle from Seattle’s Travels


The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs April  2013 || The Travel Tester


I want to… Eat Well

Rum Reimagined – The National Cocktails of Bermuda (Including Recipes)
Matt from Landlopers discovers the national drink of Bermuda. And you can bring it home by making it yourself now! Bring in the Rum and pineapples !

Pleading for Bun Rieu Soup in Cai Rang
Have you ever begged for soup? Jodi from Legal Nomads has! You can read all about it in this tasty post.

Learning to Cook in the Tropical Spice Garden, Penang
Follow Nicole from Bitten by the Travel Bug on her cooking class in Malaysia. You can almost smell the spices through your computer screen!

Discovering Venice through food with Walks of Italy.
Chris and Tawny from Captain and Clark bring us yet another tasty video, now being in Venice, Italy. They get to sample some of the local delights and visit a farmers market to get the most fresh and healthy ingredients. Yum!

Traditional Polynesian Food in Tahiti, Where They Get Everything From 5 Trees
Jessica writes on We Blog The World about her experience with getting to know the food of Tahiti. There’s lots of natural fruits, and although they might have a high caloric content, they’re delicious!

Traditional Food of Finland
From Mustamakkara to Blini, Pulla and Vorschmack, I had never heard of these Finnish dishes. But Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic shows us a great range of deliciously looking meals, starter to desert.

5 Must Try Foods in Lhasa, Tibet
A quick overview of some popular food in Tibet, by Agness (Etramping) on the Travel With A Mate blog.  I tasted the momo not in Tibet, but in Nepal and I would definitely recommend them as well!

Moroccan Food: A Feast for the Senses
And a feast for the reader too. A great post by Dave and Deb from The Planet D about their experiences with Moroccan food.


The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs April  2013 || The Travel Tester

Finnish Food

I want to… Learn Something

First World Problems vs Third World Ones – The Travel Version
A great post by Anthony of The Travel Tart about some of the things that affects travellers – and how they are problems in the first world and the third world. Funny, but it also makes you think!

Why Tourists Ruin the Places They Visit (and What to Do About It)
Matt from Nomadic Matt ask himself the question if he ruins an “undiscovered” place by driving people to it. And he answers that question by looking at what tourists can and should do to take responsibility for a destination.

Urban Aboriginal tours in Sydney, Perth and Melbourne
Did you know you can experience Aboriginal culture in an urban setting? David from Grumpy Traveller talks about some great indigenous tour operators in Australia.

Travel Insights from 25 Travelers
Jeff and Janis from Traveling with the Jones are a great kick starter for this part of the round-up: they feature insights from 25 other travellers, all with different travel styles. And if you click on the quotes, you can read interviews with these people too! Get into it, I’d say.

The Benefits of Ecotourism: 20 Top Travel Bloggers on the Importance of Nature Travel
The Green Global Travel blog is the best place to find information about eco tourism and in this post, the pie gets a cherry on top with beautiful quotes from 20 travel bloggers. If this doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!

Slow Travel in the Loire Valley
Jo writes on BootsnAll about the importance of slowing down on your travels. We all know we should do this, but it can be hard sometimes! Jo gives excellent tips for travelling slow in the Loire Valley in France. By the end of the post you should feel calmer already


The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs April  2013 || The Travel Tester

Aboriginal Culture

I want to… See Art and Design

Folk art and Paprika – my souvenirs of Budapest
Heather from Heather on her Travels takes the question ‘what do you get out of travelling’ quite literally this week. She talks about her favourite travel souvenirs from Hungary.

Finding Design Style Around the World Photo Series
If you really start paying attention, you can see that design is all around us. Matt from Landlopers features some amazing photo’s from design he’s found around the world. No words needed.

On Top Of The World
Aggy from Dream, explore and wander takes us on top of the world quite literally this week. She shows us amazing photographs she took in different cities from a high view point. From Paris to Warshaw!

How a children’s book inspired my wanderlust
I always love reading where a person’s love for travel originated and Adam from Travels of Adam knows it well. A book written to inspire curiosity and an adventurous spirit among children, what better can there be?

This Meat Has Expired – Abandoned buildings in Berlin
A photo tour through abandoned buildings made Sherry from OttsWorld come up with some pretty amazing photographs. I remember once winning a book featuring abandoned buildings too, and her pictures could go straight into the book!

The Travel Tester Favourite Blogs April  2013 || The Travel Tester
Berlin, Germany



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