Beginner Camping Tips: What to Bring Camping and How to Enjoy it!

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  1. Meg Lund says:

    Thanks for all of these great camping tips! Your advice to buy a quality tent really caught my eye. You suggest that cotton tents are sturdy and polyester is light, so knowing the location you’re going to camp at will definitely help you to know what kind of tent you’ll need. I was wondering, however, if you have any suggestion on how to pack your trailer for a camping trip. One of my friends has a trailer, but I want to be sure that I am packing it with everything that I need. Any suggestions? Thanks for all your help and insights!

  2. Scott says:

    Lots of really great advice here but I have always found a great flashlight is a must!
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  3. Mountainsmith says:

    This is really an informative blog about camping and it is a great tip for camping for the beginner. The basic requirement is a tent and it is better if I can practice putting tent before going out for camping. we have to keep track of our need during camping.

  4. Andre Beluchi says:

    Tip 4 sounds like a pretty good advice to give out when camping and using the right gear. For me it sure is because of my plans to take a caravan out at a camping grounds in Provo, Utah. The thing that my family and I will probably need to start finding are the gears and the caravan supplies to pack for our week long stay there.

  5. Veronica Marks says:

    I have camped a few times, but I’ve always tagged along with others. This next summer will be my first time planning our camping trip on my own. I’m nervous I’ll forget something important! Thanks for the tip to practice pitching the tent. I definitely wouldn’t have thought to do that, but I think already knowing exactly how and where everything fits together will help make it pretty quick once we get to our campsite!

  6. Liz Armeson says:

    These are some really helpful tips! The number one camping tip I give people who are new to the outdoors is not to skimp on camping equipment. You always want to have a sturdy, reliable tent, a good pack, comfortable chairs, etc. Nothing ruins a camping trip faster than being cold or wet (or both). This article has some really great info, and I would recommend reading this to anyone looking at getting into camping or the outdoors.

  7. Lauren Woodley says:

    I really appreciated all of the camping trips. I just barely got into camping myself, and I don’t know much about how to make sure I have the right equipment for the trip. That being said, you talk about how you should have a quality tent, which I can see would be a really important consideration. Things like shape, material, and durability will help you to ensure that you’re protected and secure while you’re camping. Additionally, I know that some of my friends have small trailers that they like to bring along. Do you have any tips about the accessories that we can buy to make sure that those vehicles are prepared, too?

    • Nienke Krook says:

      Hey Lauren, I always go to my local outdoor shop for advice on the best equipment to buy, they always know best, so that’s probably what I would recommend to do and ask them about items to bring for the trailers as well. I would say the basics are the quality tent, warm sleeping gear and of course something to carry water with you for the trip. Depending on the destination, weather and length on your trip, you can invest in accessories like tarps, table/chairs, coolerbox, etc. I hope you have a great trip!

  8. yasiin says:

    I just read your article. Thanks for sharing that, I learned a lot from it.

    By the way, what do you think is the best tips? It’s something I get asked quite often from my own blog’s readers (, and I would love to know what you might think of it. please read and reply.. <3

    Thanks, yasiin

  9. Vidita says:

    Thank you for such helpful tips, I really appreciated all of the campaign tips. Those are the great tips for campaign beginners. According to me, the basic needs would be the water, food, tents & first-aid box. Without that, you cannot imagine your campaign successful & secure as well. So,yeah thank you for some additional tips. Keep sharing your experience and tips.

  10. DealYard says:

    Camping is an activity which most of people have been doing when summer comes. It’s where you go for an adventure and tell stories with each other. But before that, finding where you can set your tent will be a great idea. If you don’t have enough idea about camping, these helpful tips will give you idea with your problems. Just remember choosing the perfect tent that will keep you warm in cold places is the best thing to do.

  11. Jaddi says:

    You have right about tents and sleeping bags. They are the most important gear because they can destroy your camping in really fast way. From that reason please choose it wisely and with clear understanding what yu need exactly.

  12. Ricky Fields says:

    This is really an informative blog about camping and the tips are really helpful. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Gary Evans says:

    Number 3 is a must. Practice, practice and then practice some more. What may seem a simple task is never easy when its getting dark and lashing down with rain.

    Great post.
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  14. GearHose says:

    If you are travelling by car, I’ll suggest try hammock camping once instead of pitching a tent. Lot of people have concerns around using a hammock whether it is stable or not, is it big enough. There is no way knowing it unless you give it a try.

    Your camping checklist is awesome as well, thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow! Nienke, these camping tips are really helpful. I’m going on a camping outside of the city and I really learned a lot from this. Awesome post. Thanks!

  16. Simon Brooks says:

    I’ve been camping a lot of times in my life, especially since I’m an Eagle Scout, and I definitely agree with what you’ve said about having the right gear. You want to make sure you have equipment that suits your needs while also making sure you have all the basics covered in case of an emergency. I really do like some of the suggestions you make, there really isn’t anything that a good roll of duct tape can’t fix during a camping emergency.

  1. July 24, 2015

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