10 Creative Travel Bullet Journal Ideas for Making Memories Around The World!

10 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas for Travel Lovers || The Travel Tester
Have you picked up on the Bullet Journal Craze yet? It's a perfect way to organise your life, work... and travels! Here are some creative ideas for you.

In my previous post on what a Bullet Journal is, you could read that I’m pretty obsessed by this new way of documenting your life. While I am not the best designer and I don’t have a great handwriting (even though when I was a teach, I had to do a handwriting-on-chalkboard-exam and got a B, so it’s not horrible), I still find I like to get creative and find new ways to use the Bullet Journal other than just a monthly and daily planner.

Scrolling through Instagram, I found quite a few cool examples of people using their Bullet Journal around travel-related topics, so today I’d like to give you some ideas on how to make your own journal a bit more interesting with these page spreads.

Let me know what your favourite bullet journal travel layout is!




10 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas for Travel Lovers || The Travel Tester


1. Travel Bullet Journal Idea: Trip Planning

Ah, just the thought of a new trip makes my heart always tick faster, how about you?

Here are some great examples by the Bullet Journal Queen Kara from Boho Berry on how she created a theBullet Journal Trip Planner to start planning her next vacation:




Great planning page by Katrin from fraurausch_plans:

Travel planning is the best kind of planning! ✈️ So for today’s #planwithmechallenge, this is my spread for my upcoming trip to south-eastern Africa. I like having all the important info on one page: flight and hotel details, visa info etc. I already did a countdown page back in December and will do a separate page for my packing list. I can’t wait! . Ich liebe es, Reisen zu planen. Die nächste große Reise geht nach Südostafrika – was ein wenig mehr Planung nötig macht als ein Pauschalurlaub. Deshalb hab ich mehrere Seiten in meinen BuJo: einen Countdown (findet ihr weiter unten im Profil), eine separate Packliste und diese Doppelseite mit der Route und den wichtigen Eckdaten. ✈️ . . . #bulletjournalcommunity #bujocommunity #bulletjournal #bujojunkies #bujogermany #germanbujojunkies #planner #bujobeauty #planningahead #planneraddict #planwithme #bulletjournaling #bujodeutschland #bohoberrytribe #bujoinspire #leuchtturm1917 #germanbujojunkies #travelplanning #bujotravel #travel #reiseplanung #reisen #nomadtours #travelafrica #instatravel #travelgram #planwithme #planwithmejanuary

Een bericht gedeeld door Katrin (@fraurausch_plans) op


Plan your favourite hotspots for your next trip, like Jennifer of inkbyjeng did here:



Or outline your future travel plans for a longer period of time:


2. Bullet Journal Wish List: Create a Travel Log!

I love how Becky of Painted Illustrated has created all these pages in her journal where she can record the countries and states she visited on her travels.

Make sure to check her account for other parts of the world and customized bullet journal travel logs!

Travel log of Europe!

Een foto die door painted_illustrated is geplaatst op


North America!!

Een foto die door painted_illustrated is geplaatst op


Another great one is by Christina from christina77star, but of course you need some serious drawing skills to pull this one off:


If you’re not such a good illustrator as Becky or Christina, you can simply print a world map from the internet and stick it in your journal, like this nice one by Inge from Pens and Planners:


Not sure you like to include a (world)map? Why not draw the flags of the countries you’ve visited, like Rebecca from The Style Shake has done here:


What I personally do, is keeping track of all flights I go on… it’s a lot, haha!


3. Bullet Journal Packing Lists

Nothing better than a good packing list to make sure you don’t forget anything important on your next trip. Have a look at this black-and-white packing list -bullet journal version- by Marie of journalspiration:



And how about this cute one by Kara from Boho Berry:


4. Bullet Journal Places To Go – Travel Songs

Just by reading this list by Inge from Pens and Planners I feel like going on a road trip, how about you?


10 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas for Travel Lovers || The Travel Tester


5. Stamp Collection

What better way to invite the world into your home then through a great stamp collection. Love this page by Amanda from banjobaby83:


6. Travel Souvenirs

Just returned from a trip and brought back a souvenir? You can use your Bullet Journal to record them (or record gifts you bought for everyone). Here is a peek into my own sand collection overview. Yes, this took me forever to draw, hahaha:


7. Good Old Travel Journal

Of course there is nothing wrong with turning part of your bullet journal into a good old-fashioned travel journal! Get creative, just like Rianne of Making Ideas Happen did here:


Collect any stamps or postcards in your Travel Bullet Journal, like Carola of lolamamama did here:


Or how cool is this little travel journal by Cristina of my.life.in.a.bullet:

So, I am NOT planning on planning during my trip, BUT I did want some extra space to do a bit of journaling and paste some pictures to keep as memory. Thanks to the #dutchdoor, I can have an overview over the whole trip in one place! ✈ If you want to see more about the Dutch door that’s been so popular lately, check out the lovely @alexandra_plans! She’s made a YT video about two ways that you can use this in your bujo! . . . #bulletjournal #bujo #bujojunkies #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies #bujocommunity #bulletjournalcommunity #bujoinspire #bohoberrytribe #organisation #bujolove #bulletjournallove #bulletjournallover #leuchtturm1917 #leuchtturm #planner #plannercommunity #planneraddict #planning #zigcleancolor #fabercastell #sakuramicron #planwithme #diyplanner #agendamea #showmeyourplanner #bulletjournalcollection #paris #doodle

Een video die is geplaatst door @my.life.in.a.bullet op


I really wish I could draw like José Naranja:




8. Road Trip Book

Going on a Road Trip? Have Kids (or just want to entertain yourself?) Why not create a fun road trip activity book inside your bullet journal, like Kara from Boho Berry did in such a cool way:



9. Bullet Journal Bucket List

Don’t we all secretly love the bucket list? I know I do! This is what Marie of journalspiration put on her London Bucket List bullet journal-style:


What do you think of this cute drawing by Bea from beagurban:

Een bericht gedeeld door Bea (@beagurban) op

Crossing all the US states of your Bucket List, for many people a dream! Great idea by Jennifer of inkbyjeng:


10. Travel Quotes

Nothing more inspiring than a great travel quote! Here is some inspiration for you:




Make sure to check the account below for many, many more great Bullet Journal travel ideas for quotes and illustrations:







The Travel Tester - Bookmark Time for Action
Do you have any other suggestions for cool Travel Bullet Journal pages? Let me know below!!!



10 Creative Bullet Journal Ideas for Travel Lovers || The Travel Tester

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  • Thanks for the blog post. As someone who tries (and often fails) at journaling regularly this was refreshing. The hashtag game you had going on alone was worth it in terms of being able to find more ideas #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #bulletjournaljunkies Lots of these can be turned into framed memories of trips. It’s always nice to get do-able creative ideas for the non-creative like myself. Step one is to follow through on this. Thanks again from a newbie on the blog!

  • Your post has inspired me to prepare a travel journal for my next trip! However, I wanted to ask you something- my holidays aren’t very long (not long enough to have a full journal’s worth of stuff), so what I did was to adopt my travel journal segments into my daily journal. Should I keep a separate journal for use during travels? I see some people allocating a notebook for every trip they make – but my travels don’t usually last that long. What would you suggest?
    (Just perplexed on what I should do on this small matter).

  • Hello, Nice tips and inspiration. I am digital nomad working in travel industry. I always carry my magic book for fresh idea. I believe I have now more than 10 completed with my last 15 years traveling around the world. Keep discovering, Keep Testing. If you pass by Barcelona, this is my base for summer.

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