Australia Budget Per Month – Questions Answered

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  1. Maria says:

    My husband and I are moving to Sydney for 6 months for a post-doctorate position he received at Macquarie U. Since I have no idea if I will be able to find work (though the school has assured me that I will be able to work if I come over with his visa) as of right now we have only one guaranteed income of $2500 AU (without taxes taken out). Alas, it is a very small budget for two people to live off of. In addition, I have no idea what to budget for utilities (electricity/gas/water/internet?), expected travel costs in the city on public transportation (because I have idea where we will be living) or monthly grocery budget (this would be great if you could give me an estimate). I have food allergies to dairy and wheat, so I know some groceries will cost more. Do you have any recommendations of health food stores, utility costs, etc? I’ve lived in London before and it was great; I assume Australia (at least within cities) is more like Europe where you will be able to get around fine with a bike/walking/public transport? Thank you!

  2. Christina Miller says:


    I have a working holiday visa and am leaving in June 2014, I hope to have a couple of months of fun and then look for work, I am travelling from Cairns to Sydney and I wondered what would be the best way to manage my money. Would you just leave your money in the UK account and just take out via the cashpoints over there or am I able to open an aussie account and transfer my money over?? Thanks Christina

  3. Tim fagan says:


    Hope you can help,

    We are visiting Aus this august for a family reunion and have rented a motorhome for 3 weeks, i have no idea of the cost for the trip, my boys 6, 4, and my wife will be driving from brisbane to melbourne via sydney. The van is paid for, just hope i have enough money to enjoy all ausvhas to offer

  4. David White says:

    I would love to take my wife to Australia as we have never been there and often wondered about it.
    I am 75 and my wife is 74, but do not know how much it would cost as she would not be able to (rough-it). Like to go for a month! Can anyone suggest the easiest way and costs of hotels etc. especially in Melbourne-Thanks

  5. Hannah says:

    I’m travelling Australia for three months from the end of September.
    This breakdown is really handy!!
    We were planning on getting a Greyhound pass. Looking at the bus timetables there are a lot of stops; which is making me think travel from these bus stops to hostels/National parks etc is going to start adding up as well.
    Do you still think this will be the cheaper way to travel or is it worth looking into renting a car/van?
    We are travelling from Cairns to Melbourne.


  6. Yul says:

    hi miss Krook..
    me and family (plus 2 aunts and an uncle) are planning to visit Sydney & Melbourne for this years xmas & new year, already booked hotel only.
    still wondering where to go (bcos many places might be closed – since it’s holiday) also what’s the budget for food & transportation per week?
    we are planning to take a 2 week holiday..
    thanks a lot

  7. Sara says:

    So I am hopefully travelling In November. Jobs wise – can you advise if I would be able to get a job as a hairstylist. Looking to travel to Melbourne. I ‘m on a tight budget so worried that the cost of living will drain my funds really quickly. If going for a year on a working visa – what amount of money is recommended? Thanks

  8. Sarah Gardiner says:

    Hi there,
    Me and my boyfriend are looking to spend a month in Australia next summer, probably the whole of June or July. We want to tick of as much of the usual “bucket-list” sights and activities possible. I was just wondering what route you would take and the main destinations you would stop at. Im just at the start of my trip research now so any tips would be great!
    Thank you

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